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This article is about the avian species Gallus lonrostrus. For the football team, see Khaiwoonese national football team.

Domesticated black wepphu on a farm in Gobrassanya.
The wepphu (Gallus lonrostrus) is a species of gamefowl native to the Gobras Peninsula and Khaiwoon, closely related to the chicken and other junglefowl. The bird's name, pronounced WEP-fuh (IPA: /wɛpfʌ/) comes from the Khaiwoonese language, and the plural is also wepphu. In Ingerish it can also be called the wepphu-bird or the Khaiwoonese long-beaked fowl. The wepphu is the national bird of Khaiwoon.[1]

Wepphu can be found in a variety of colors, and may be either wild or domesticated. In Gobrassanya, archaeological investigations indicate that domestication by the Gobrasi peoples occurred over 3000 years ago. The earliest evidence from Khaiwoon places domestication there as early as 2500 years ago. In the wild, the wepphu's preferred habitat is jungle hillsides with ample rainfall. Domesticated, the wepphu may provide eggs and meat much like its close relative, the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). For centuries wepphu were also used for show fighting, although this practice disappeared from both Gobrassanya and Khaiwoon during the 15th and 16th centuries.[2]

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