West Glaster Railways

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West Glaster Railways
Native nameWest Glaster Railways
Area servedWest Glaster
Transit typeInterurban
Number of lines2
Number of stations4
HeadquartersPort Clover
Began operation1980
Train length4 to 8 carriages
Track gaugeStandard
Average speed80mph (128kmph)
Top speed100mph (160kmph)
Network Map
West Glaster Railways.png

West Glaster Railways is a rail operating company in Glaster. It is currently the only independent operator in the country, since other South Glastian companies were absorbed into Glastrail following Glastian Unification. It operates 2 routes: Scotwood-Port Clover and Scotwood-Halton. It partially shares its track with the Glastrail shuttle service from Halton to Port Clover.


West Glaster Railways was created from the western remnants of the South Glaster Railway Company, which ran services as far as Ellmouth, Reyston and Stewhampton. It, along with the only other railway company in Glaster, the South and Central Glastian Railway, were dissolved a year the Unification in 1979. The eastern end of the network was given to Glastrail, the nationalised rail company that ran most of Glaster's railways. All lines beyond Scotwood were brought under the control of the reformed South Glaster Railway Company, now called West Glaster Railways.

In 1990, Glastrail took over the hourly service between Port Clover and Halton, which resulted in the selling of 3 out of 5 of the 2 car trains that ran on the line. The other 2 were kept in store as backup units in case one of the other trains failed.



East Gaster Main Line (Port Clover-Scotwood)†
East Glaster Main Line via Halton for Mortley (Halton for Mortley-Scotwood)

†Every 1 hour a train continues to Ellmouth and Reyston, but under Glastrail operation


Port Clover-Halton for Mortley (Passed to Glastrail in 1990)

Rolling Stock


Class Cars per set Type Top speed (mph) Number Routes operated Built
Glastrail 379 4 Diesel Multiple Unit 100 10 Halton-Scotwood
Port Clover-Scotwood
Port Clover-Reyston
Glastrail 158 2 Diesel Multiple Unit 100 2 (formerly 5) None
Formerly Port Clover-Halton

Current livery

379: Westrail train.png

158: Old Westrail.png


Class Cars per set Type Top speed (mph) Number Routes operated Built Withdrew
Glastrail 421 4-6 Diesel Multiple Unit 90mph 16 Halton-Scotwood
Port Clover-Scotwood
Port Clover-Reyston
Port Clover-Halton
1965-1970 1985: 1 (Tree fell on carriage)
1990: 4 (Handed to Glastrail)
2005: 11


1979-1980: Older Westrail.png

1980-2005: Older Westrail 1.png