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Federal Province Of West Kadmar
FlagCoat of arms
"Sennó tov Äzea"
Victory from Unity
Leresso, Light of the Sea
Largest cityMagenta
Official languagesIngerish, Everian
Demonymwest Kadmarian
GovernmentParliamental Representative Democracy
 • Members of the Assembly
 • Upper houseThe Assembly
 • Lower houseThe Convention
 • Total11,174.88 km2
4,313.64 sq mi
 • Estimate (2017)1,364,100
CurrencyLeressan Rivan
Internet TLD.le

West Kadmar, formely Kadmar is a federal province of Leresso located on the northwestern coast of Antarephia. It is bordered to the North by the Respubliko de Ambro Marbordo, by the leressan provinces of Palomar, Leihor and Kadantra to the East, and by the Hesperic Ocean to the West. Its capital is Magenta wich is also the largest city. The Province Covers a land area of 11,174.88 km2(4,313.64 sq mi) and has a population of about 1,5 million people.


The Province bears the name of the main river of the region, the Kadmar River. The name "Kadmar" is said to originate from the Northadi word "kuag mahrey" which means "waters of might". This river has given its name to the former ingerish Colony of Kadmar and is still an important communication route between Magenta and Desai.


The colonial time In 1764, an ingerish galleon approaches this part the Anteraphian coast that will become the Kadmar Colony and enters the estuary of the Kadmar River to establish a settlement on its shores. It's there where the city of Magenta will be founded and choosen as capital of the ingerish colony.

The birth of Leresso On May 19th of 1849 Ingerland grants independence to Kadmar that takes then the name of Leresso. The city of Aludres in the province of Palomar, more central and a little more appart from the colonial influence becomes the new capital of the Country. On that time, the Province of Magenta and the Province of Rhoddanton wich correspond to what is now West Kadmar remain under ingerish influence but Magenta looses importance year after year after the seat of the Government moves to Aludres.

West Kadmar Identity recognising In 1975 under the growing pressure of the ingerish majority in the two Western provinces community, the Government of Leresso grants semi-autonomy to this territory and creates the "Semi-Autonomous Province Of West Kadmar" with Magenta as provincial capital.


The geographie of the Province is pretty diverse and presents different types of landscapes from the coast to the hills. The main rivers crossing this territory are the Kadmar River in the North and the Valerian River in the South.

  • 8,943 km2 (3,452 sq mi) on the mainland
  • 2,231 km2 (861.73 sq mi)for the Sanguine Archipelago

The Coast :

The Province is borded by the Hesperic Ocean on it's west part.

The Islands :

  • The Sanguine Islands Archipelago
  • Andresia Island
  • Vernon Island
  • Three Refuges Archipelago
  • Orphan Island

The Kadmar Plains :

the Kadmar River flows through the Province along 86km finishing its path by forming an estuary along the 21km before reaching the sea. Its source, the kreyhen kuag valhai is located in the Province of Northad and means "temple of the crystal water".

The Eastern Hills :

A chain of low mountains and hills separates the Province of West Kadmar from Leresso but three routes connect it to the rest of the country:

- the Kadmar Valley, Leading to Desai and its international airport.

- the Valerian Valley, leading to Tassu and its airport.

- the coastal plain, leading to the capital Aludres.


The province climate can be compared to the mediterranean climate, with warm and pretty dry, sunny summers and cool and windy winters. The average temperature throughout the year is around 15°C.

The cold Southern winds and the ocean streams following the antarephian coast from the South tend to maintain cold temperatures during the winter and keep offering a certain humidity level until the coast of Paravel restricting the desert increasing the the South West part of Antarephia.

Administrative Divisions


West Kadmar is bordered by three other provinces :

- Palomar (Capital: Aludres) in the South

- Leihor (Capital: Tassu) in the East Centre

- Kadantra (Capital: Desai City) in the Northeastern part

The eastern border passes through the Rhoddan Reservoir.



Law and judicial system

Foreign relations



The leressan bank notes.

The currency

As a leressan province, West Kadmar uses the rivan (Ʀ) as official currency. The rivan is produced by the Leressan National Mint located in Aludres and circulates in all the Leressan provinces. The leressan currency comprises coins of 1 rivan and 50 cent denominations and notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar denominations.

The rivan has been designed and printed by the Reserve Bank Of Leresso, the Kadmar coat of arms appears on every coins and notes.

  • the note of 1 rivan features the battery of Magenta
  • the note of 10 rivan features the kadmar endemic hart
  • the note of 20 rivan features the national swallow
  • the note of 50 rivan features the Leressan Parliament located in Aludres
  • the note of 100 rivan features the avalanche lily wich is the national flower


Today West Kadmar widely produces organic products and strongly preserves traditionnal agricultural systems while trying to get self-sufficient and less depending on foreigner products. Most of West Kadmar imports and exports stay in the Leressan Confederation.

The soft climate allows a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. Medlars grows almost everywhere in the province while olive trees are more scattered on the northern shore of the Kadmar River. Fields of high yield are located in the Kadmar Plains. Salterns in the North and in the South of the Province cover the needs in salt.


Sanguine Islands Archipilago is the first touristic destination of West Kadmar. Magenta as the provincial most historical place also attracts a large part of the tourists coming from Leresso and the rest of the world.



Wind turbines are scattered along the coast and on the islands where they provide energy to the isolated villages.

The main river dams are located in the Eastern Hills where are located the Rhoddan Reservoir and the Condroy Reservoir wich are an important source of energy and water supply.


- Airport (1 provincial airport)

- Railroad network (4 lines)

- Buses lines

- Ferries routes

- Tramways

Magenta has the province biggest tramway network system including 6 lines connecting the vicinity to downtown.


Traffic keeps to the right side of the road. The province is crossed by two motorways the A2 (leading to Aludres) and the A21 (leading to Desai)


West Kadmar Railway Network


The Province has only one airport Magenta Provincial Airport (MAG) wich is located near Magenta. It allows to passengers to reach the capital Aludres, Montecari, Vai in Guai and Carmeleum in Paxtar



The big majority of the population speaks ingerish but everian is also spoken mostly in the East of the province.




The ingerish culture remains the main source of influence even if Aludres efforts to create a transprovincial leressan identity are getting more and more effective.

The Provincial Flag

West Kadmar Flag

The flag of the Semi-Autonomous Province of West Kadmar has been designed from the Ingerish flag mixted with the leressan cross and colours (blue, white and yellow). It bears the Kadmar coat of arms in its center surmounted by the Blue National Leressan Star.

National Holidays

There are several holidays that are nationally recognized by the Leressan people.

  • Independence Day: 19 May. As of 2017, the country has celebrated it 193rd Independence Day.
  • Revolution Day: 24 June.
  • Festival of Light: Second Friday of July to Third Wednesday. (2017: July 14-19)


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