Westward Gate

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12, 45.1653, 48.0228
Westward Gate
CountryKingdom of Pretany
 • RegionMountain Gate
Westward Gate skyline is said to be the most impressive in Pretany.
Ethnic Groups
Pretanics(98%), Other (2%)
NationalitiesPretanic(98%), Dagelandics(1%), Inarans(.5%), Other (.5%)
DemonymSt. Richardians
 • MayorTerry York
 • Estimate (2014)3,559,000
 • Density912/km2
Tram5 lines

Westward Gate in ancient times known as Geata an Iarthair in Inaran is one of the oldest trading cities in Uletha. Located in the country of Pretany, near the border with Sathria, the city has served as a "Gateway City" to most of the lands east of the Egyt Mountains since antiquity. With a population of 3,559,000, it is the third largest city in Pretany and the largest in the pretanic shire of Mountain Gate. The city sits on a high plateau near Niambi Lake which drains into the River Rivelin. The city was the beginning point of the Great Pretanic Trade Route.

Sibling Cities

Wesward Gate has several sibling cities, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World: