Whangiora Airport

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Z14, -55.058 °S, -140.195 °W
Whangiora International Airport

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Basic information
Country Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
(Aorangëa Anglesbury flag.svg Anglesbury)
City AO-CoatOfArms-NA.svg Whangiora Airport, serving Coats of arms of None.svg Whangiora
Began operation 1962
Direction Length
3L/21 3200 m
3R 3200 m
15/33 3500 m
Number Length
Highways AutobahnWhite.svg 3
Regional train lines Railways in Aorangëa and East Anglesbury
Suburban rail lines  S 2   S 3   S 9   S 13 


The airport has three runways. 3L can only be used for starting aircrafts in a northeasterly direction. 3R/21 and 15/33 can be used for starts and landings in either direction.


There are three terminals, old Terminal 1 with concourses A and B, the new Terminal 2 with concourses C, D, E and G and the low-cost Terminal 3 with concourse H. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected to mainline and railway services. Many parts of the airport are freely accessible to the public.

Access to international airside area is open from domestic airside. Visitors from most countries need their access to the international airside area documented. The international airside area can only be left through passport control usually to the domestic airside area but also directly to landside.

Terminal 1

Concourse A has a separate area for FSA pre-clearance departures. and also an international arrival-only area. Immigration allows access to domestic airside area in concourse B.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has a domestic airside area on concourses E & G and an international airside area on concourses C & D. It also has a dedicated area for visitors and planespotters.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has a domestic airside area but also allows international departures, for which passports are checked at the gates and transferring to those flights requires to go through immigration. Most flights from Terminal 3 use an apron position. International arrivals can only use the apron positions, while passengers are transported to Terminal 1' s immigration facilities by bus.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Country Destination Terminal Notes
AOAir Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa Beaminster, Blueberry Hill (Rainbow's End), Kiranēna, Moolray, Naora International Airport, Redbeard's Island, South West Anglesbury 2
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande Troie
East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury Fawltryncham
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobras City
Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland Winburgh
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Malojdeh
New Ingerland.png New Ingerland Kingsbury
Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Saviso
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Stanton 1A
Guai Airways Flag of Guai.svg Guai Vai
Dominion Air Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Saviso