White Sea

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White Sea

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The White Sea in central Archanta
LocationCentral Archanta
TypeInland sea
River sourcesRío Alameda

Río Blanco


Sabio River

Río Rojo

River Miraya

Ocean/Sea sourcesAsperic Ocean
Basin countriesLost country.png Demacia

Walleanflag.jpg Wallea

Castilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea

CCA-Flag2-01.jpg Commonwealth of Central Archanta

Elhadia flag.png Elhadia

FLAGMECY.png Mecyna

Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Adariaflag.png Adaria

Jimages (3).png Cordinia

Asyedan CPR Flag.png Ciudaperr



Major citiesMarvin

San Martín



Port Lagbard


Los Reyes



The White Sea is a body of water located approximately in the center of the continent of Archanta. It is a prolongation of the basin made by the Gwynian sea to the northeast, as a T-shaped body of water, conducing to heavily differentiated environmental conditions from the prior. It is connected to the Asperic Ocean on the SSW, via the Gwynian Channel. To its north lies Archanta Major, to its east the Canal of Mecyna, and to the south the Gwynian and Astrasian subcontinents. It has a mean depth of 600 meters, with a maximum depth of 3027m below the sea level. It contains vast platforms of low depth, in which abundant marine life can be found, especially corals, more abundant on the northern coast. |}


There are many theories about the etymology of the sea, one of them attributes the Castellanese translation of the name "Mar Blanco", to a deformation from Tahuel "Blauk'O", which means "The one who brings Life". Apparently the first Catajar explorers who disembarked in current Castilea Archantea started to use the said term and its use was extended to all Castellanese colonies. Ingerists colonists translated it directly to "White Sea", consolidating the use of such term.

Another theory points to the generalization of the term for "Gwynian" or "Blanquiana", which are the Cambric and Castellanese terms for "White".


Across the White Sea's ports, there are multiple cities that send the most ships. Marvin, Oketia is an international trade hub.
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