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10, -39, 159

"Libertatem et Felicitatem in Aeternum"
Liberty and Prosperity Forever
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityLafayette
 • GovernorJoseph Kerr
 • Lieutenant GovernorMaria Stewart
LegislatureWhitestone General Assembly
 • TotalTBD km2
TBD sq mi
 • Estimate (2015)2,464,000
 • DensityTBD/km2
TBD/sq mi
GDP (PPP)2017
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
TimezoneWUT +10

Whitestone is a small, densely populated state located on the east coast of the Federal States of Archanta.




Prior to the Ingerish colonization of Whitestone, the area was inhabited by various indigenous tribes. The indigenous people generally lived in small villages, and lived off the land, hunting, fishing, and farming to survive.


Whitestone was first settled by a band of 155 colonists led by Harrison Fairfax of Winburgh in the year 1612. The first years of Annaberg were generally difficult, with the first winter being especially lethal; over a third of the initial settlers died by the next spring. However, as the colony established itself, conditions began to improve and the population of Annaberg was over 500 people by 1625. Several other settlements were founded along the coast during the first 20 years, which included Carmel (1615), Stonewood (1618), New Winburgh (1624), and Fairfax (1621).

By the 1630's, settlers began moving inland, despite increasing resistance from the native peoples. The Kequennock War broke out in 1634 when settlers from the Whitestone Bay area encroached on native lands, killed two native men of the Kequennock tribe, and refused to depart the area. On June 20, hundreds of native warriors attacked the town of Fairfax, burned dozens of homes, and killed over 100 colonists. Harrison Fairfax, by then the governor of the colony, declared war on the Kequennock tribe. The conflict lasted for two years and mainly consisted of smaller scale engagements and ambushes. However, in August 1636, the conflict suddenly ended when the chief's village was found and attacked. The village was burned to the ground and every inhabitant was slaughtered, decimating the tribe's abilities to fight against the colonists. On August 23, a cousin of the former chief signed a treaty that ended the war. News of this slaughter spread quickly, and remaining tribes were much more reluctant to fight the colonists.

In 1632, the city of Lafayette was founded at the confluence of the Whitestone and Lafayette Rivers. The city quickly grew and by 1680 was home to 6,500 people, more than double the size of Annaberg, and was by far the largest in Whitestone.

In 1720, a mysterious epidemic spread throughout the colony. The illness was extremely virulent, and would infect up to half of the colony's population in that summer alone. In Lafayette, 800 people of 12,000 died and some towns experienced a reduction in population of well over 10%. Annaberg was particularly hard hit and afterwards never quite regained its importance, as many businesses closed or moved to Fairfax or Lafayette.

Despite the epidemic in 1720, and smaller epidemics in 1724, 1733, 1748, and 1765, Whitestone grew rapidly throughout the 18th century. The population of the colony was about 25,000 in 1680, 40,000 in 1710, and over 150,000 by 1770. Lafayette grew particularly quickly and became an important hub of commerce throughout Whitestone and the upper Southeast. Despite this, Annaberg would retain its status as the capital through most of the 18th century.


19th Century

As industrialization began to occur in Whitestone, the population in the interior grew as towns such as Taylor and Whitestone Falls became major manufacturing hubs. Lafayette continued to grow in size and importance and New Winburgh became an important harbor and the hub of Whitestone's fishing and whaling industries. Meanwhile, Annaberg was not experiencing the same growth as other cities and did not have the infrastructure to support the increased needs of the state government. In 1812, the Whitestone State Assembly decided that a new capital was needed. The capital was supposed to have been moved to Lafayette, but at the last minute the Assembly changed course and decided that a new capital would be built at Greenville (which technically existed at the time but was entirely covered by farms and woodlands). The circumstances of this sudden shift in plans are not fully known, but it is likely that it involved significant bribes from several men who wanted contracts to help build a new capital. Construction of Greenville began in 1815 and the government moved in by 1820.

20th Century

21st Century

Government and Politics





Largest Cities






Whitestone is both served by commuter rail services and Archrail.


Whitestone's main airport is Lafayette International Airport, located in the south end of Lafayette, serving over ___ passengers per year. The airport, while mainly serving domestic flights, also has the ability to serve international flights. Currently, the only other airport with airline service capabilities is Fairfax Airport, which is geared towards budget airlines as both an alternate to Lafayette International and give tourists more direct access to Fairfax. The airport is also popular with charter and private flights.










Whitestone is home to three professional sports teams; the Whitestone Generals (gridiron), Lafayette Blue Sox (baseball), and Lafayette Lions (football).

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