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12, 29.2299, 120.7353
 • RegionCounty Naraoia
Location of Willmore in Wiwaxia
Location of Willmore in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (98%), Other (2%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (98%), Ataraxians (1%),Other (1%)
 • MayorAngelica Wall-Green
 • Estimate (2014)495,725
 • Density1,800/km2

The city of Willmore is situated in the middle of Wiwaxia amid riching farming land that is the breadbasket of the country. With a population of 495,000 (Willmore metropolitan area), it is the seventh largest city in Wiwaxia.

Willmore Metropolitan Area


Willmore is the newest of Wiwaxia's major cities, established with the coming of the railroad to County Naraoia in 1859. It is the only major city that has not had the patronage of a countess of Wiwaxia, and thus an anomaly among county seats.


Although Willmore has traditionally focused primarily on the buying and selling of commodities, the merchants of the city have heavily supported the Blanche Grand Opera, the city's premier cultural institution. The opening night of the opera with its Opera Ball is the most important social event each year in Willmore.


Willmore, often referred to as "The Fruit Basket of Wiwaxia" due to its proximity to the country's plantation belt, is home to a number of fruit processing facilities, including Associated Fruit Coop Ltd. and Consolidated Citrus Ltd. as well as the Forrintian-based Water met een Kleurtje's Uletha plant. The city also hosts the HQ for the Associated Fruit Coop as well as the Willmore Agricultural Cooperative, Wiwaxia's largest farm cooperative.

Places of Interest

Rather than a castle or palace, the city of Willmore is centered on Willmore Acton Station and Acton Diamond common in front of the station. To the southeast are the administrative offices for the county at Willmore House. Across the street is the Church of St. Florinda, which fronts on Willmore's three important market squares: the Haymarket, the Goose Market and the Oxmarket, with the Market Stalls in the southeast corner. To the west lies Occident Square, lined with mansions of the city's merchants as well as the beautiful Occident Square Church.


Willmore is served by the Willmore-Markham Expressway W401 and the Loaves and Fishes Freeway W331. Willmore Acton Station trains go to and from Tilney, Markham, Fanshawe, Pargiter and Wiwaxmouthe, with connections further north, south, east and west. North of the city is the Willmore Depot, a major stopping point for commodities from Naraoia farms shipped to the rest of Wiwaxia. Willmore International Airport is 5 kilometers from the city's western border.

Callis Farm

North of the city lies Callis Farm, Wiwaxia's largest farm and estate, owned by the Countess of Callis.