Wiwaxmouthe City Subway

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The Wiwaxmouthe City Subway is run by the City Transit Authority; the City Transit Authority also has responsibility for the tram lines. Commuter trains are run by the Regional Transit Authority. Both the CTA and RTA are administered by the WIwaxmouthe Department of Transportation.

Wiwaxmouthe City Subway


The Wiwaxmouthe City Subway opened in 1915 with five stations of the Green Line, running from Semper Road, through the Great South Station and ending at Justice, at the High Court. Two years later, the first stations of the Red Line opened, between St. Kenelm and Parliament. The blue line opened in 1922, the first line crossing the river - it ran from Muscat Street to University. The Yellow Line opened in 1941, running from Wildhare to Garrison. The Pink Line was the last line to open, in 1983.


The subway has two major transfer stations, Great South Station and Trimble Square. The Green, Red and Blue lines connect at Great South Station, which also provides rail service to commuter trains south and east, buses as well as all four tram lines. At Trimble Square, the Red, Yellow and Pink Lines connect. Other transfer stations include Muscat Street and Mulberry Green; at Parrot Park, two spurs extend from the Red Line.

Rail connections are also available from Opabinia Station, Great Dune, Great South Station, University and Admiralty.

Subway Lines

The Green Line runs between Semper Road in Paper Town to Mint Street in the Marina neighborhood. Major stations include Opera, Excelsior Palace and Spirit Yard.

The Red Line, the longest line with the most stations, runs from West Forest to Pikeaway Green, with two spurs - one to Admiralty and the other to Mercury Park. Major stations include Great South Station and Trimble Square, Bucksandoes, Cog Island and Arena.

The Blue Line runs from Grand Promenade Circle to Gear Street. Major stations include Muscat Street, Mulberry Green, Cathedral Castle, University and Exchange Place.

The Yellow Line runs from Wildhare to Great Dune. It is the only line running north-south. Major stations include Trimble Square, Mulberry Green and Docklands.

The Pink Line runs from Tarry Square to Trimble Square. It is the only line that runs only north of the river. Major stations include Opabinia Station, Muscat Street and Trimble Square.