World Organization for Research in Physics

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World Organization for Research in Physics
Alternate Name(s):
If you understand quantum mechanics, you haven't studied it.
Research Consortium headquartered in Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Address Calle 320 No. 5982
Barrio Astrofísica
Ciudad Independencia, 0859 DS
General Information
Year Founded 1964
Number of Members 8
Chair Patroclo Nakamura
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Board Member Francesca Gelli
Darcodia Flag.png Darcodia
Board Member Leandro Guippenas
Latflag.png Latina
Board Member Samuel DeTrammel
Flsg.jpg Pretany
Board Member tbd
OrinocoFlag01 111614.png Orinoco
Board Member Anca Vanancula
Kalm flag.svg Kalm

The World Organization for Research in Physics (known as WORP) is a global organization that provides an umbrella for various national-level research organazations, focused on overseeing and coordinating the work of particle physics laboratories and other physics research facilities. Established in 1964, the organization is currently based in Ciudad Independencia, DS, in the southeast suburbs of Villa Constitución in the Ardisphere. The body currently has five members.

WORP's main function is to coordinate internationally the use of particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research – as a result, numerous experiments have been constructed at WORP member facilities leading to important international collaboration.

WORP has also participated in or coordinated other significant research, including supercomputing and materials science.

Current Membership

Any research organization with a research facility either in operation or in planning may join.

National Organization Abbreviation Nation Organization Chair Permanent WORP Representative Notes
Grupo Ardesferico de Investigacion de Física de Altas Energias GAIFAE Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Yesenia Balderas Patroclo Nakamura Founding member and headquarters host country
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Fisica di Darcodia INRFD Darcodia Flag.png Darcodia Dante Simeoni Francesca Gelli Founding member
Centro Fisico Anvantado de Latina Latflag.png Latina Ernesto Hidapenas Leandro Guippenas Founding member
Pretanic Royal Organization of Physics PROP Flsg.jpg Pretany Diana Felty Samuel DeTrammel Founding member
TBD TBD OrinocoFlag01 111614.png Orinoco tbd tbd Founding member
Kalmsche Gesellschaft für Hochenergiephysik KGHP Kalm flag.svg Kalm Christian Achtmann-Wetzauer Anca Vanancula Founding member
Mergan Physical Society MPS Mergany Flag.png Mergany Herbert Hennings Manfred Quint Observer

List of Research Facilities

Name Organization Location Director Map Link Description
Centro de Investigación de Física de Alta Velocidad (CIFAVA) GAIFAE Ciudad Independencia, DS, Ardisphere Clara Llewellyn OGFmapicon.png map 2 km diameter circular accelerator; staffed by a partnership between Universidad Wisniewski and Instituto Federal de Investigación
Centro Fisico Anvantado de Latina (CFAL) Universities of Du Bois and Cordoba northeast of Du Bois Arnold Kyk OGFmapicon.png map 6,5 km linear accelerator, a ring with 22 km
Pretanic Royal Organization of Physics Alpha Accelerator (PROPAA) PROP Aderland, Claydonshire, Pretany Richard Grimley OGFmapicon.png map 2.3 km diameter circular accelerator; staffed by of Pretanic Royal Organization of Physics University (PROPU)
Centro Nazionale di Ricerca Fisica di Darcodia (CNRFD) INRFD Velloria, Persete, Darcodia Luisa Borri OGFmapicon.png map 4 km linear accelerator
National Research Center Mergan Physical Society (MPS) Wiesbrungach, Schersen, Mergany OGFmapicon.png map 4.5 km and 11.2 km diameter circular accelerators
Nuclear Fision Research Center Frisdewalg Mergan Physical Society (MPS) Frisdewalg, Vocklenbrug, Mergany OGFmapicon.png map nuclear fision reactor and corresponding production and testing facilities
Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.