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9, -42.0454, 141.2595
State of Wychelle
State Flag of Wychelle
"Tandem in libertatem"
Freedom, atlast
The location of Wychelle in the Federal States.
Largest citySt Bernards
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese
DemonymWychellite or Wytch (colloquial)
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Representitives
 • Total25,011.30 km2
9,656.92 sq mi
 • Estimate (2019)792,214
 • Census (2015)771,431
HDIIncrease .901
very high
Drives on theright

Wychelle (Which-e-lee) is a state in the Grand Lakes region of the Federal States.

The state's name, Wychelle, originates from the folktale suspicion of witches residing in the area, making the state originally an unpopular place for settlers and earnt its current name. Wychelle is the XX most populous state with the XX most extensive land area.

The capital, Wytusky, is a bustling city settled in 1878, became an trading center and cultural centre for the the settlers of the oil rush and the local tribe, the Juwaba people. Caldwell, the largest city, is also a significant lake port, trading with nearby states. It hosts a majority of Wychelle's historical sites such as the Museum of Native History, McGregen's Village, the Loddan Witch Trails and the infamous Darling Dredge.


The Wychelle region, west of the Seneppi territory, was commonly regarded as the place where witches were born and came from. This gave it a heavily tarnished name when the Federal States government decided to colonise it in the early 19th century. The Old Ingerish way of spelling witch was 'wyche', finding the new territory its name, Wychelle.


Formed from the remnants of a volcano, Wychelle has rich and arable soil surrounded by lowlands of lakes and rivers and rows of hills creating many valleys and distinctive regions.


Metropolitan areas

The population is heavily centred around urban areas due to the Morgan Long National Park, which encompasses nearly 50% of the state.

Name Population
St Bernards 290,000
Barre Harbor 158,000
Wytusky 153,000
Gravity 30,000
Pouros 27,000
Balding 20,000
Marigold City 15,000
Munition 12,000
Fordville 10,000


18th century

19th century

Battle of Rum

The Battle of Rum was fought June 12-14, 18XX, in and around the town of Rum, Wychelle by XX and XX forces. The battle was renown for its use of Gatling guns to mow down opposing forces leading to a tragic loss of life on both sides. Lord Wallington of the XX forces lead the first charge during the battle and become a legend amongst soldiers for his unrivalled bravery and courage earning him the nickname; The Stallion.

The battle was primarily fought north of Rum, on a little road called Battle Road. The XX forces made use of Derrington's Pond as a defensive mechanism and had a fort in place which provided excellent protection for them.

20th & 21st centuries






The Wychelle Highway Authority controls and mandates over 69 state highways. There are also 3 federally owned motorways. FS-20 runs E/W from St Bernards to FS-91. FS-91 runs N/S from the Minnonigan border to Wytusky, and then runs E/W from Wytusky to the Seneppi border. FS-93 runs SW/NE from the Minnonigan border before ending in Barre Harbor. Major state highways include WY-72 which runs from St Bernards N/S to WY-43, and WY-43 which runs E/W from Wytusky to the Deodeca border.




Media and Sports

Wychelle has a host of professional sports. Currently there is the Wychelle Warriors (Basketball), the St Bernards Bears (Rugby), Barre Harbor Battalion (Soccer/Football), and the Wytusky Whales (Volleyball). Wychelle also hosts a minor league team, the Wytusky Whirlwinds (Baseball). However, the most popular sport is cycling in the state. Over 70% of the population bikes on a daily basis. Also, there are 93 trails maintained by the state, and an estimated 153 run privately. Of these 93 trails, 36 are in the Morgan Long State Park. The longest trail is the Morgan Long Trail, which is 43 miles in length. An average trail is 14 miles in the state. Wychelle quit the Unity Cup after discrimination from the host, in which they felt made the competition unfair and staged. Directly after quitting, the leaders of the Unity Cup banned Wychelle from ever participating again, to due discriminatory lies.

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