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LocationSouth East Ardentic Ocean
Coordinates57.12°S 138.532°W
Area15208.03 km²
5871.83 sq mi
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
NationsAorangëa Whingina flag.svg Nao Rānga
Aorangëa Upper Waikaoriri flag.svg Móllaigh
Aorangëa Beaminstershire flag.svg Nether Youcestershire
South Aorangëa flag.svg Waikaori
Aorangëa Beaminster Yellow flag.svg Upper Youcestershire
TheHallowLandsFlag.svg Duchess' Territory
Aorangëa Southern Territories flag.svg Southern Territories
Pop. density106.15/km2 (274.92/sq mi)
Youcesterland is an island in the southeastern Ardentic Ocean off the western coast of Kartumia. The island is 273 kilometres (170 mi) in length, 100 kilometres (62 mi) in width at its widest point, and 15208 km² (5872 sq mi) in area.

The island is home to five nations of Aorangēa, namely Nao Rānga, Móllaigh, Nether Youcestershire, Waikaori, Upper Youcestershire and two territories, the Duchess' Territory and the Southern Territories.


The island is separated from Anglesbury Island in the north by the Natāra Strait, which is 8km wide at its narrowest point. Kiranēna Island lies to the south, separated by the Seven Lakes Passage. The Southern Ranges run most of the northern half of the island along the west coast, dividing it into a wet and rugged west coast and a drier, more rolling east coast.



There are major highways radiating out of Otāngia and connecting it with Youcester and the Natāratunnel which offers a rail shuttle for road vehicles to Anglesbury Island. Kiranēna Island is connected via a bridge across the Seven Lakes Passage


Most of the rail network is centered on Otāngia and Youcester. Long distance services are provided as well, even into Anglesbury Island and Kiranēna Island, albeit with varying service patterns between once-a-week and once-an-hour. There are no high speed services offered, but some stretches of the mainlines allow speed up to 200km/h, which enable schedules competitive to the airlines.


There are several ferry services to neighbouring islands. Other sea services, including freight and cruises may be operated under a local flag or under cabotage restrictions.


The island is served by several airports, but most overseas services are better served by Whangiora Airport which can be accessed by train or domestic flights.

Kiranēna River
Typical valley of Móllaigh