Yoyomi Ōnagara

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OGFmapicon.png 35.3107 N, 121.1197 E
Yoyomi University
Yoyomi Ōnagara
 • CityYoyomi
Staff4,600 (excl. hospital)

Yoyomi Ōnagara is the largest university in the Kojolese city of Yoyomi, not to be confused with the city's technical university Yoyomi Gigyōnagara. It offers a broad range of mostly non-technical subjects, and its medical programmes are ranked 2nd best nationally by the BMS University Ranking.

Formally founded in 1888, the predecessing university dates back to the year 1678 and was founded by Surb Kyiffae, son of the nation's unifier Surb Rēkku, with the aim to promote his newly devised Kojolese alphabet in the country's east. After war and during occupation by foreign forces in the early 19th century, that old university was closed in 1834, and the city would remain without an institution of tertiary education until 1888, when the city founded its new university.