Yoyomi Gigyōnagara

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OGFmapicon.png 35.2919 N, 121.1055 E
Yoyomi Technical University
Yoyomi Gigyōnagara
 • CityYoyomi
Staff2,840 (public funding)

Yoyomi Gigyōnagara is the second largest university in the Kojolese city of Yoyomi, not to be confused with larger Yoyomi Ōnagara. It carries out research and educated its students in subjects related to science and engineering, and achieved the 3rd rank in the national BMS University Ranking for that category. It was founded by hiving off the engineering and science faculties of Yoyomi Ōnagara and fusing them with the city's polytechnic school in 1935, to create a more competitive and efficient learning and research institution.

It is situated next to Yoyomi Aku-Chezi, a major regional rail and Ésubān knot.