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autogramm-card (in germish)

Ziggie was one of the ship cats of the brothers Emilio and Ewaldo Bergez, who discovered the bay of Latina in the year of 1488. The cat was the first, who jump at land and after a short moment he catch a mouse. This good omen was the ground, the paw of a cat is on the seal of Latina and on the flag of Latina (Cidudad). Over this cat there is in Latina a popular book for the children: "Ziggie, the cat on the ship", written by Samuel Kolakowsky.

Then the cat was the mousecatcher in the Archivo Vejo in Latina - the old archive. Later his sons and daughters follow in the job. So in the town hall (ayuntamento) too they do theyr job. The tradition is, that this "official" cats shold be red and spotted, as the original of 1488 was and that they are decentes of the first cat.

1934 was a critical situation. Only 4 cats had survived at this time because many were killed from the cars on the street. So in a closed great garden in the rural Astoria suburb of Latina (Cidudad) always some cats now are hold in reserve.

Today the official mousecatcher of the ayuntamento (town hall) is Ziggie # 103. For this cats works a servant of the town, today Mrs. Eleanor Trudaine (*). The "official" cat has always the interest of the newspapers and there are souvenier-cards for tourists in 22 languages.

(*) This is not strange, if you see, that in Hamburg / Germany for the swans of the Alster lake a townish servant - Mr. Olaf Nies (the "father" of swans) - has to work.