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12, -46.6841, 65.4792
Arlington Skyline
The beautiful Arlington skyline during the day.
 • ProvinceTemplate:Merrita
 • CountyTemplate:Capital County
DemonymArlingtonian, Arlingtoner
 • MayorDaniel Waterson
Elevation0-1 m
 • Estimate (2018)Increase 4M
 • Census (2015)Increase 3.7M
Postal CodeMxx xxx
Telephone Code416


Arlington is the capital of Planoria with 3,500,751 people. Arlington is a very eco friendly city with green factories, and solar panels uncovered in the summer. The main power source is water, and during the winter months Arlington melts the ice that reaches the water plant, which is transferred to water for the tap or power.


Arlington was a small town created by the Arlin tribe. They built a group of tepees around a tall tree. The tribe believed if the tree died there's intruders coming. The Ingerish arrived after their tree died, the tribe prepared their spears. They waited armed for 3 years. As soon as the defence died down they were accidentally wiped out by an unknown virus the Ingerish travelers were carrying. The ingerish moved their bodies to even flatter land in the south to bury the bodies. The virus soon went extinct due to medicine of the 1800's. Planorians decided to make the small town of Arlington the capital, and in 1822 Arlington became the official capital of Planoria. In 1901 railroads began moving people into Arlington. Arlington went from 5,000 people to 32,000 in 10 years. Arlington kept growing slowly until 1967 when many highways began connecting to other parts of Planoria. The population bloomed from 50,000 to 100,000 in five years. By 1991 the population reached 1M, and it kept growing, by 2010 the population reached 2.8M. 2017 came along with the census growing to 3.8M.

Public Transit

Arlington public transit is very eco friendly. The ATC (Arlington Transit Commission) Has subways from downtown to the suburbs. Bus routes from Downtown to Brusselspoint.