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13, 37.1272, 101.2931
CountryEsthyra flag.svg Esthyra
 • RegionPaglobeclaca
Ethnic GroupsPaglobeclacans, Midistlandese
 • Area360.737 km2
139.281 sq mi
 • Estimate (2016)200000
Postal CodePC1
Telephone Code030 06

Abralona, formerly Sevilla-Abralona, is the former capital city of Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra and the current capital city for Paglobeclaca region, built along the northwest corner of the country.


Around 1800 indigenous Paglobeclacan immigrants from Rugenia arrived here and started a settlement. Soon they set up an autonomous government which had grown into a small kingdom (Reino de Paglobeclaca). Abralona had always been the capital city of the kingdom.

As a result, too many people inhabited in the small houses between the narrow streets. In the beginning of the 20th century, the city became overcrowded. However, the kingdom never considered moving the capital. After the unification of Esthyra, a referendum was held to move the capital to Erilyn City, and the relocation project started in 1930.

Today, Abralona is a Castilophone city. Its economy is closely tied to Midistland. Its excellent architecture permitted the city to have a spot in Ulethan Heritage Site.