Air Karolia

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Airline Air Karolia
Kärolijas Lennuvai
Fleet_size 130 (incl. subsidiaries)
Callsign Karolian
Founded 1929
Headquarters Säntjana, Karolia
Hubs Säntjana Anola-Fiore, Säntjana Tougu, Vasireii
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Website [http://www.airkarolia.ka/ www.airkarolia.ka www.www.airkarolia.ka]

Air Karolia is the national airline and flag carrier of the Republic of Karolia. As of 2014, it flies to every continent on the planet and serves 67 airports in scheduled flights. Air Karolia also operates a low-cost subsidiary, KAwings.



As of autumn 2014, Air Karolia and subsidiaries serve the following destinations:

Airport Country Frequency
Canal International Airport FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 2 daily

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