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{{Infobox Airline
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|airline = Air Meilan
|logo =  
|callsign = MEILAN
|company_slogan =
|founded = 1968
|headquarters = [[Meiming]], [[Meilan (Antarephia)|Meilan]]
|key_people =
|hubs = [[Beishan International Airport]]<br />[[Meiming Longkou International Airport]]
'''Air Meilan''' (Meilanese: 美兰航空公司) is the flag carrier airline of [[Meilan (Antarephia)|Meilan]]. It was originally founded in 1968 as ''Meilan National Airways'' by the state government to provide regional air service within the country. In 1990, the state divested its majority stake in the airline, and it was renamed Air Meilan, becoming 70% privately owned. Due to financial difficulties in the late 2000s, Air Meilan has had to cut back much of its service, but it is slowly growing its operations in recent years. Air Meilan currently serves four domestic and three international destinations on eight routes. Its two main hubs are [[Beishan International Airport]] in [[Beishan]] and [[Meiming Longkou International Airport]] in [[Meiming]].
== Routes ==
* [[Beishan International Airport|Beishan]] – Meiming Baiyun: 5x daily
* Beishan – Meiming Longkou: 2x daily
* Beishan – Heifu Yongtai: 4x daily
* Beishan – Beaudry Felix Sorrel: 1x daily
* Beishan – [[Vai International Airport|Vai]]: 2x daily
* Meiming Baiyun – Heifu Yongtai: 4x daily
* Meiming Longkou – Beaudry Felix Sorrel: 2x daily
* Meiming Longkou – Trevers Fletcher: 2x daily
* Meiming Longkou – Woolport: 3x weekly
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