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Available Languages
Area 25,700,000 km2
Population 2,617,000,000
Number of countries 67 (38 uninhabited)
Demonym Archantan/Archantian

Archanta is a continent south of Uletha and east of Tarephia. The continent has a narrow isthmus near 20 latitude south which divides the continent into a northern and a southern part. To facilitate easy transport of cargo and people by ship a canal was built in the nation of Mecyna, cutting through the isthmus and connecting the White Sea in the west with the Gulf of Archanta in the east.

The continent is divided into four subcontinents:

  • Archanta Major - The main body of the continent, and the largest subcontinent.
  • Archanta Minor - The northeastern-most reaches of Archanta, entirely within the country of Commonia.
  • Gwynian - A large desert peninsula in the southwest of Archanta Major.
  • South Archanta - A small continent joined to Archanta Major by a small isthmus.

Cartographers used to place the boundary between Archanta Major and South Archanta in a line from lake Hotakope to Glotaqua, but since the construction of the canal, the middle of that waterway is usually considered the boundary.

The biggest country in Archanta is the Federal States and the smallest country is Kovatany.

Names Archanta


Its etymology and language of origin are uncertain. It appears to be one of the most ancient of recorded names. A number of theories have been published. The widely most accepted theory is that Ingerish Archanta can be traced through the formation of Ingerish literature, where it has the same form, Archanta.


Mountain Ranges

  • Varosian Mountains (south-west South Archantan range)

Bodies of Water



List of States

Archanta Major and Archanta Minor

Country Capital Area (Km²) Inhabitants Density (Per Km²) Remarks
Lost country.png Arataran Mostrakago 6,809,000
Castilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea Edetanea 326,386.70 48,125,000 147.45
Cinasia.png Cinasia Yu-King
Final design.png Commonia (none) 6,787,699.92
Drenth-Line-Feze De-Maaten 152,104.09 coords: [1]
Luciano Flag DFS.png Drull Drull 37,313.96 3,200,000 85.76
Lost country.png Elhadia Alhmarkha'ad
Krajanesia flag v1.png Krajanesia Krajanesia ~45,000 ~22,452,000 ~150 Calculations are either rounded to the nearest 100 or 10.
Flag of Kuehong.png Kuehong Bakdep 32 million
Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion Rivador 80,863.45 7,807,120 96.55
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Phoenix
Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia Rose City
NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Ergolanyum 126,627.21 14,284,107 112.81
Sae flag 9.png Sae
Flagtanay.png Tanay Bogoy 1,841.81 2,789,000 1514
Lost country.png Tengah Tauri Lautan Bandar 207,966.64 25,784,674 123.98
Lost country.png West Commonia (none) 359,998.10
Wintania Union City 373,584.92
FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Elegantia


Country Capital Area Inhabitants Density Remarks
Adariaflag.png Adaria Nichiuri 276,193 35,000,000 126.7
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Villa Constitución 163,234 19,110,000 117.1
Calibé Junto a la Costa 28,617,550
Lost country.png Ciudaperr
Jimages (3).png Cordinia Cordinia City 44,464.55
Nordestan Flag.png Nordestan Charlestown 220,537.522 15,231,888 69.0
Lost country.png Ordania Cape City 10,340,830
Sveta Locianos 21,000 2,309,950 109,9

South Archanta

Country Capital Area Inhabitants Density Remarks
Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia Port Ambroise 221 065.45 km² 14 445 691 65 inh/km2 Franquese is the official language (also spoken : dutch equivalent, yurish and natives)
Flag of Ardencia.svg Ardencia Saint Armand 968 797.88 km² TBD TBD inh/km2 Franquese and Galician are the official languages (also spoken : ingerish and natives)
Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Huntington 2 888 811.82 km²
FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands Jørp (territory of FLAGZYL.png Zylanda)
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Phoenix
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Malojdeh 50,646.14 km2 8,760,312 172 inh/km2 Includes Brugas and the January Islands.
Orle flagg kongeriket.png Ôrlé Rézà 156 279.42 Km2
Randalia Flag.png Randalia Arborvell 640,080 km2 18,715,000 29.4
SAF flag.svg South Astrasia Astrasiapolis 7,100,000
Turkjetflg11219.png Terágareni Narómi 51,612.96 km2 5, 780, 651
VegaFlag.PNG Vega Ciudad de Vega
Lost country.png Wapashia Tarkanara 32,824 km2 515,490 15.7/km2
Lost country.png Yuris Icaro 274 582.43 km2


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