Archantan Gridiron Football League

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Not to be confused with the similarly named Archantan Gridiron League.

The Archantan Gridiron Football League (AGFL) is a gridirion football league in Archanta.


The Archantan Gridirion Football League was founded in 1934.


The league consits of two sub-leagues: the North Continental Conference and South Continental Conference. All teams compete in a regular season between teams in their continental conference. Following the regular season, the highest qualifying teams will compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the winner.


Name Country Stadium Conference
Cerro y Casa Osos Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Estadio Agatías Sgambati (map) North
Villa Constitución Marineros Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Estadio Rîo Grande (map) North
Phoenix Phoenices FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Jack Holland Stadium (map) North
Gilagonas Mechas FLAGMECY.png Mecyna DeLand Arena (map) North

If you have a city/team interesting in joining the league, let me know. Blakea (talk)