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OGFmapicon.png 2.221 N, 29.498 E

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Province of Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo
Capital Avalon
Governor Sapor Caoranbai (Lib)
Province of Avalon 21 April 1860
Postal AV
Colours Gold
Demonym Avalonian
Population 3,897,414 (2016)

Avalon (abbreviated as AV) is a province on the north coast of Vodeo. It is Vodeo's northernmost province, and borders Cambria to the south-east and Prihor to the south-west, with a coastline with the Sea of Uthyra on its eastern side. Avalon's capital and largest city is Avington; other main centres include Avondale, Etriuradai, Kincorait, Mansfield, Olivia Bay, Stirling, and St Anne's. In 2016 Avalon had an estimated population of 3,897,414. Inhabitants of Avalon are referred to as Avalonians.