Ayebury (Municipality)

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Z14, -46.8805 °S, 46.6280 °E
Flag of Ayebury

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Former Municipality in Winn
Capital Letter
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Train station Chambers Station
Website www.ayebury.wn

Ayebury is a former municipality in Winn, in the barony of Caspica. It was formed in 1892, consisting of the villages of Ayebury, Ginningburgh, Chambers and Loggham, as well as the island of Vira. The municipal hall was located in Ayebury, which the municipality was named after. In 1955, as part of major municipal reforms in the area, the municipality was added in its entirety to the municipality of Letter. However, in 1990, when this municipality was being merged with Diskwolde and Chaining and Justine into the municipality of Diskland, the former area of Ayebury was split up, between Diskland and the municipality of New Winn Bay, as Chambers became part of Diskland, the entire rest of the former municipality was absorbed by New Winn Bay.