Ayebury (Municipality)

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Z14, -46.8805 °S, 46.6280 °E
Flag of Ayebury

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Municipality in Winn
Capital Letter
Country Winn
Barony Chessic
Region The Hind
Mayor German Hitfeld
Area 16.30 km2
Population 11430 (2019)
Highways R-552
Train station Chambers Station
Postcode CH236 - CH239
Website www.ayebury.wn

Ayebury is a municipality in the south of Chessic, at the estuary of the river Thimber, across from New Winn Bay. It the westernmost of the three coastal municipalities of Chessic.


The current area of the municipality of Ayebury historically had always been part of three municipalities - Loggham, Ginning, and Letter. In 1995, Loggham and Ginning were merged as Ayebury - the town hall in Ayebury, previously of Ginning, became the town hall of the new municipality. In 2010, this municipality merged with the Letter municipality into the current Ayebury. The capital moved to Letter, while the name remained "Ayebury".

Population Centres

The largest centres in the municipality are Ayebury and Letter, the capitals of the municipalities before 2010. Vira Isle is included as a population centre, as it is a different postal address, as opposed to other hamlets in the municipality.

Population Centres
Place Inhabitants
Letter 4600
Ayebury 2400
Loggwell 1500
Ginningburgh 1300
Loggham 900
Chambers 600
Vira Isle 130


Municipal Council

The municipal council of Ayebury has 15 seats. Below is the composition of the municipal council since 2010:

Seats in the Municipal Council
Party 2010 2012 2016 2020
FGW 4 5 4 4
WCP 5 6 5 3
Greens 1 1 0 1
POLL 2 0 - 2
Local Ayebury 3 3 5 4
PFA - 0 1 1

The mayor of Ayebury since 2015 has been German Hitfeld of the WCP party. He succeeded Mary Mayling of the same party, who had been the mayor of the new municipality since its inception in 2010, and had been the mayor of Letter since 2008.

In the Barony Senate

Ayebury has 3 representatives in the Chessic Senate. Currently these are Sam Haysmith (FGW), Lotta Barr (WCP) and Carter Litts (DA).


Ayebury is internally primarily connected through the provincial road R-552, which goes from Ayebury past Loggham and Letter towards Singall and Justine. The R-552 does not connect to a nearby highway however, exit 3 of the N-18 highway is connected to the R-552 by Letter. Additionally, the R-603 connects Letter to exit 4 of the N-18, which connects to Diskwolde. Lastly, the bridge over the Thimber by Loggham, the R-274, connects to Thimbridge, Saint Salls and New Winn Bay.

Additionally, there is a railway station in the municipality, Chambers Station, which lies on the Chaining Branch, between New Winn Bay and Chaining Bath. Due to its small size, service from this station is halved to one train every hour in each direction.

Bordering Municipalities

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