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12, 40.8698, 85.0253
Țvinger Castle
Țvinger Castle seen from Ulița Regală
Flag of Bărădin85px
FlagCoat of arms
CountryFlag of Antharia.png Antharia
 • ProvinceSteag Valahia.png Vallaquia Province
 • CountyTemplate:Bărădin County
Ethnic Groups
82,6% Romanish
7,9% Moldavian
4.2% Eganian
Demonymbărădean, bărădeancă
 • MayorDumitru Stărăian (PNL)
Elevation0-167 m
 • Estimate (2011)Increase 2,451,600
Postal Code0xxxx

Bărădin (Ingerish: Borodyn; Eganian: Borodyna; Ibraic: בורודין'; Gaerman: Barradein; Turquese: Baradenım) is the capital and the most populous city in Antharia with an estimated population of 2,451,600 (2011). The city is situated in the country's center, in Vallaquia Province. Since the 18th century, Bărădin has been one of Uletha's major centres of finance, commerce, fashion, science, and the arts, being the intersection of different Ulethan cultural directions: Garlian and Pretanic, Eganian, Slevic and Western Romantian (Ispelian, Darcordian).

Before the Third Antharian War, Bărădin was commonly known under the name "Romantic Capital of Uletha", which was given to the city because of its neoclassical boulevards built in the late 19th century. After the war, which severely damaged especially the old town of the city, Bărădin was strongly modernized and received a monumental look, which differed from the initial one. In the last few years, many organisations tried to rebuild old disappeared buildings, most of them without any success.

According to the 2011 census, aproximately 2,450,000 people live in Bărădin, a increase of 320,000 inhabitants since the last census in 2002.

The city is administratively known under the name "Municipality of Bărădin", being a separate national district ("județ"). The city is divided into the 6 districts Centru, Victoria, Universitate, Industria, Dealu Nou and Jiița, each governed by a local mayor.


There are many theories about the origins of the name Bărădin. The most credible theory is that the word origins in the Antharian words Bároô-Dênì, which mean "Low Lands".

Another theory supports the idea, that the city was named after the Quartian general Gérard Borodino, who took over this area during the Second Antharian War in the early 17th century.


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