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{{Infobox Meilan airport
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<!-- Colors - need both titlebgcolor/titlecolor and/or headerbgcolor/headercolor - having only a value for one won't work -->
<!-- Names and Codes -->
|name=Beishan International Airport
<!-- Summary -->
|operator=Beishan Regional Airport Authority
|location=Gucun, [[Beishan]]
|timezone=MST (+2)
|hub=[[Air Meilan]]
<!-- Map -->
<!-- Statistics -->
<!-- Supports up to 6 runways -->
|r1-l=3882 m
<!-- Supports up to 6 helipads -->
|passengers=1,200,000 (annual)
<!-- Connections -->
<!-- Supports up to 6 connections -->
|c1-label = Rail
|c1-data = Airport Express<br />Beishan—Heifu Railway
|c2-label = Bus
|c2-data = [[Beishan Bus Rapid Transit]]
'''Beishan International Airport''' (Meilanese: 北山国际机场) is the primary international airport serving [[Beishan]] in [[Meilan]]. It is located to the north of the city centre in the county-level city of Gucun. It has one runway at 3882 metres in length.
== Airlines and destinations ==
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" style="margin:0px;width:60%;"
! style="width:15%" | Airline
! style="width:45%" | Destinations
| [[Air Ataraxie]]
| [[Ataraxia City]]
| [[Air Karolia]]
| [[Quentinsburgh]], [[Säntjana]]
| [[Air Meilan]]
| Beaudry, Heifu, [[Meiming|Meiming Baiyun]], [[Meiming|Meiming Longkou]], [[Vai International Airport|Vai]]
| [[Guai Airways]]
| [[Vai International Airport|Vai]]
== Connections ==
Beishan International Airport is connected to the city and surrounding areas through various forms of public transport.
* Airport Express
* Airport Rail Link to Airport–Gucun station on the Beishan–Heifu railway
* [[Beishan Bus Rapid Transit]]
* Buses

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