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Blöndel Airport (ANACA: BLO, WAAT: BL) is the biggest international airport in Bloregia and the home location of AirBloregia. All long-distance flights and 80% of other international flights in Bloregia are operated from this airport. Flights to several destinations in Uletha and Archanta are operated from Blöndel. The airfield has two runways running from west to east and south-west to north-east. There is a train connection from the terminal to Blöndel city center.

In January 2020, the airport terminal was completely rebuilt and moved from the north to the area between the runways. Several new intersection and tunnels were built to connect the new terminal. As a part of the same masterplan, new commecial and residential areas are to be built in the vicinity of the airport in the new future.

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