Cambrian Union

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9, -35.0840, 44.3106
Cambrian Union
"Freedom and Liberty"
CapitalCentennial City (1,124,259)
Largest citySchuylkill Park (12,341,521)
 • PresidentAmanda Hunter
 • Vice PresidentFrank Alderfer
 • Upper houseSusan Menendez
 • Lower houseThomas McDonald
 • Census (2021)30,575,661
CurrencyCambrian Dollar (CAM)
Drives on theRight

The Cambrian Union is a union of 26 states, on the Antarephia Continent on the Asperic Ocean. The Cambrian Union Borders 3 Countries, Corpenia to the North , Layr on the Southeast Coast, and Bromley to the South and West.



Name Range State Height (meters) Height (Feet) Position Notes


Name Source States Length (Kilometers) Length (Miles) Position Notes


State Population (most recent estimate) Capital Largest City Date Joined Notes
New Schuylkill 12,603,954 Schuylkill Park Schuylkill Park January 1, 1801
Capital District 1,124,259 Centennial City Centennial City May 19, 2014 Centennial City was founded before the Capital District was created
Santa Anna 193,392 Riverdale Riverdale December 3, 1932
New Holland 942,922 March 13, 1888


The Economy of the Cambrian Union is filled with tech and medical companies as well as major media and banking companies. The largest medical provider is Cambria Health the company based out of Centennial City with it as the Medical Hub of the Nation. But companies like Schuylkill Medical Services out of Schuylkill Park or Bayfront Healthcare Network out of Lakeshore are competitors. The Tech Industry is made up of Camtelecom based in Schuylkill Park the company is a computer, and cell phone manufacturer and is also an internet and telecom company for most of the Cambrian Union. The Cambrian Union also has Centennial Communications and Veracruz Mobile. the Media industry has multiple networks and competitors such CBN, CBT, HBC, and STV the major one is CBN (Cambrian Broadcasting Network) Based in Schuylkill Park which runs flagship station WSPK for the New Schuylkill State while it has stations in every major city and a couple of towns like Cooperstown, Montclair, Riverdale, and Wolf Creek. while Cambria Bank is the main banking company for the country.

Foreign Relations


Cambrian Union C Highway System

Cambrian Union States Highway System

Cambrian Union CU Highway System



Call sign Channel Municipality Broadcast radius (miles) Owner Notes


Call sign Name Municipality Broadcast radius (miles) Frequency Genre Owner Notes