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| 12,581,638  
| 12,581,638  
| {{Meilan}}
| 1,848,500
| Largest ethnic language spoken in the country. It is an official language in the city of Lunneilu and autonomous prefectures of Mudi and Nanling.
| {{Egani}}
| {{Egani}}

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RegionOriginally Flag of Castellan.png Castellán , now worldwide
Native speakers200–300 million (as of 2007)
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsOld Castellanese
  • Middle Castellanese
    • Early-Modern Castellanese
      • Castellanese
Writing systemRomantian script
Signed formsSigned Castellanese
Official status
Official language in

Dependent entity
Takora Flag.png Takora (Alora)

International organizations
Regulated byCommonwealth of Castilophone Countries

The Castellanese language (also called "Castilian" in Ingerish, called natively castellanés or casteñol) is an Uletarephian/Romantish language, that originated in Castellán and today used in wide distribution in the world due to the historic colonial activities of the Castellanese people. Because of its vast geographical distribution includes great variety of dialects.

Castellanese evolved from several dialects of Romantian in Castellán, through the mass expuslions during Purgatio Nortia or the Notion Clearances. It was first documented in central-northern of Castellán in the 12th century in the Kingdom of Taredo.

Castellanese closely related to languages like Astur, Auvernese, Catanese, Darcodian, Franquese, Florescentian, Garonese, Románš, Satro-Romance and many others.

From its beginnings, Castellanese vocabulary was influenced by its contact with Itzkera, as well as by neighboring Uletarephian languages, and later it absorbed many Mazanic words during the Mazanic people presence in Castellán. It also adopted words from other languages like Catanese, Franquese, Florescentian and Darcodian. With the expansion was influenced by Central Oceanic/Asanic languages like Aloran or Gobrassian, as well as from Indigenous languages like Mayanese or Narg.


Castellanese evolved from several dialects of Romantian in the Kingdom of Taredo, through the mass expuslions during Purgatio Nortia or the Notion Clearances. Previously, several pre-Romantian languages (also called Mojacanian languages)—unrelated to Romantian. These languages included Itzkera (still spoken today), Doiranese, Suebician and Bandalic. Traces of Itzkera especially can be found in the Castellanese vocabulary today.

The first documents, the Glosas Aurelianas, to record what is today regarded as the precursor of modern Castellanese are from the 12th century. Throughout the Middle Era and into the modern era, the most important influences on the Castellanese lexicon came from neighboring Romantish languages-Astur, Auvernese, Catanese,Galecian, Garonese, Satro-Romance, Franquese, Florescentian and Darcodian. Castellanese also borrowed a considerable number of words from Itzkera and Mazanic. In addition, many more words were borrowed from Romantian through the influence of written language and the liturgical language of the Church.


Currently there are upwards of 374 million speakers (subject to revision), worldwide. The following table shows distribution.

Country Number of speakers Notes
Latflag.png Latina 100,000,000 roundabout, official language with some special influences of frenkisk, italisk and zylandian
BanderaDeAmmirice.png Ammirice 95,100,000
Flag of Castellan.png Castellán 58,700,000
Castilea Archantea.svgCastilea Archantea 46,770,000
VegaFlag.PNG Vega 30,000,000
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 16,000,000
Adariaflag.png Adaria 15,000,000 Official in the state of Catelia
Takora Flag.png Takora 10,000,000 ?
Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz 12,581,638
Egani flag 2.png Egani 1,220,000 Third most commonly spoken language in the country.
Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 1,000,000
TarrasesFlagforMini.png Tárrases 200,000
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 120,000
Lost country.png West Commonia 60,000 Mostly settled on West Island
Flag of Antharia.png Antharia 25,000 Mostly in Bărădin, the capital city of Antharia
Lost country.png Naajaland 19,732 One of the minority languages of Naajaland, mostly spoken by people who moved from Lost country.png Esteli and their ancestors
Lost country.png Artenia ca. 18,700 Currently has no status in Artenia. Usually learned in schooling or brought from the country of language origin.
Template:Mahhal 16,000 Mostly Tarraseans studying or conducting business
Final design.png Commonia unknown Probably a substantial number but government records are poor
Midistland national flag.png Midistland tbd tbd
other... tbd
Allendea-Flag.png Allendea tbd national language

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

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