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Z10, -46.7589 °S, 46.7131 °E
Barony of Chessic, Picarn and the Arabdeen Head
Flag of Chessic

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Barony in Winn
Capital Broods
Largest city capital
Country Winn
Region The Hind
Area 609.80 km2
Demonym Chessic
Postcode CH
Website www.chessic.wn

Chessic, in full the Barony of Chessic, Picarn and the Arabdeen Head, is one of the 50 baronies of Winn, located in the far south east of the country. The capital is Broods. The barony lies within the national region of The Hind, and borders the baronies of New Bay in the west and Tassywolde and Land of Tassy in the north.


Chessic is typically seen as a barony in two parts, with the northern half including the capital Broods lying in a hilly area, within the valley around the river Cymne, while further south, a more flat part of the barony is seen, around the river Thimber. Notably, on the eastern border of the barony, the Arabdeen Forest lies along the border with Esterlon, while in the north, the border with the Tassywolde is formed by the Cymne river. Population centres are most concentrated along the coast, and around the Cymne river, while the middle of the barony is less densely populated.


As the full name suggests, the barony of Chessic is compound from three seperate titles; the Barony of Chessic, the County of Picarn, and the County of Arabdeen Head. While, as of 1904, these titles have no governmental meaning, they are still merged within the Barony of Chessic. In these, the County of Picarn notably contains the whole of the coast.

History to be written



Chessic is divided into XX municipalities. WIP.

these will be revisitied soon

Flag Municipality Municipal Seat Population (2018)
FlagAyebury.png Ayebury Ayebury 5800
File:FlagChainingandJustine.png Chaining and Justine Chaining 23100
File:FlagDiskwolde.png Diskwolde Diskwolde 19500
File:FlagHozingRiver.png Hozing River Hozington 4500
File:FlagPicarn.png Picarn Mösaland 2100
File:FlagRutt.png Rutt Rutswayne 10300


The largest city in Chessic is the capital, Broods. Other large places include Justine, Diskwolde, Fallton and Esp.


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