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8, -18.602, 128.903
Federal Republic of Ciudaperr
República Federal de Ciudaperr
"Libertad y Democracia"
Liberty and Democracy
and largest city
Ciudad de Argibra
Official languagesCastellanese
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Pegani
GovernmentFederal Presidential Republic
 • PresidentDafne Belén Herrera
 • Vice PresidentEmilia Bidegain
LegislatureNational Congress (Congreso de la Nación)
 • Upper houseSenate (Senado)
 • Lower houseCámara de Diputados (Chamber of Deputies)
HDIDecrease 0.76
CurrencyCiudaperrean Peso Peso Ciudaperrés (CP$) (CRP)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.cp

The Federal Republic of Ciudaperr, (Castellanese República Federal de Ciudaperr), or simply Ciudaperr, is a nation located on the Gwynian subcontinent on the northern part of the continent of Archanta. Its capital and largest city is Ciudad de Argibra (City of Argibra).


Ciudaperr means Land of Victory in Pegani, language of the namesake native tribe, the country's strongest and most important. Also it is an acronym for Dog Town (Castellanese Ciudad del Perro), the dog is a sacred animal in Pegani culture.


Pre-Colonial Period

The first inhabitants of Ciudaperr came from

Colonial Period - 16th through 18th Centuries

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Independence and the Nationals government (1850-1896)

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The Cambism era (1896-1932)

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Military coup and dictatorship, the dark era (1932-1947)

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Teseism, the workers' power (1947-1955)

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Second military coup, democratic dictatorship, the return of Cambism: Marini era (1955-1971)

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The return of Teseism, Damian Tesei's death and the Tower Queen era (1971-1987)

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Modern history: New and long Marini government, 1990-2000s crisis, the emergence of Baroverism (1987-present)

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Political Divisions


Ciudaperr is divided into seven first-level divisions, six Provinces and a Special Municipality: the capital City of Argibra. They are represented in the country flag as white lines, the line representing the capital city is golden.

PostCode Name Creation date Capital Population Capital City Population Governor Governor term start date Note
AR xxxx Argibra 1850 Marallán 9044290 1785400 Julieta Cristante (UPC) 23 November 2019 Until 1983 the capital city of Argibra was the City of Argibra itself. In 1983, the City was moved to the namesake National Territory, and Marallán was designated as the new provincial capital.
VY xxxx Verasyr 1850 Ciudad de Verasyr 1551620 1225200 Rafael Dálmine (PP) 23 November 2019
PG xxxx Peguén 1850 Aldea Peguino 1304640 107000 Lorena Zobini (FCP) 10 June 2016 Ciudaperr's oldest populated area and home to the country's largest and most powerful native tribe, the Pegani. Its largest city, Bonarak (568.400 inhabitants) is the oldest settlement in Ciudaperr, and its capital Aldea Peguino was also the capital city of the earlier Kingdom of Argibra (1786-1807).
PO xxxx Portuga 1850 Gaunímedes 1138950 845600 Mariano Perazza (FCP) 23 November 2019
PN xxxx Panau 1892 Manantiales 1216750 1024450 Carolina Bornazzi (FPUyT) 23 November 2015 Until 1892 was part of the provinces of Argibra and Verasyr. President Ramón Ramírez decided they were too big and created this new province. Currently, Panau is the poorest and forgotten area of the country, however, the new Panauan government started to slightly improve the situation.
IK xxxx Islas Kauslakián 2009 Puerto Reconquista 105620 91425 Juan Carlos Larrabal (FCP) 23 November 2019 Occupied by Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland in 1807 after the fall of the Kingdom of Argibra, the primitive independant Ciudaperr. After its final independence, Ciudaperr constantly claimed the islands as part of its territory. This resulted in numerous conflicts between both nations, which included three wars: 1850 (part of Independence Wars), 1969 and 2009. In the last one, the Ciudaperrean forces won the war, expelling the Ingerish occupants. Ingerland recognised the defeat in 2010, since then, the islands are fully part of Ciudaperr.
CA xxxx Municipalidad de Ciudad de Argibra 2019 Ciudad de Argibra 2335610 2335610 Candela Murani (FCP) 23 November 2019 Capital city of the Province of Argibra until 1983, then converted to a National Territory, directly led by the country's government. Since 2019 it is now a Special Municipality with its own elected authorities. Postal codes changed to CA (Ciudad de Argibra).


National Holidays

The following are the national holidays in Ciudaperr:

January 1 - Año Nuevo (New Year)

January 22 - Aniversario del Terremoto (Earthquake Anniversary - 1996)

February 10 - Día de la Democracia (Democracy Day - 1978)

March 13 - Muerte del General Ramón Ramírez (Death of General Ramón Ramírez - 1896)

March 24 - Muerte del Presidente Tesei (Death of President Tesei - 1962)

April 3 - Día de la Soberanía Nacional (National Sovereignty Day - 2009)

June 20 - Día de la Independencia (Independence Day - 1850)

July 11 - Muerte del Presidente Girardot (Death of President Girardot - 1962)

August 8 - Día de la Bandera Nacional (National Flag Day - 1879)

September 20 - Día de los Peganíes (Day of the Pegani - 1786)

November 3 - Día de la Memoria, Verdad y Justicia (Day of Memory, Truth and Justice - 1932)

November 28 - Día de la Hermandad (Brotherhood Day - 2016)