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14, -42.4315, 161.4260
CountryFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
 • StateTrinity Island
 • MayorStephen Bennett
 • Estimate (2016)57.829

Clifgate is a town located in Trinity Island, Federal States. The town occupies a place of great historical, folk and cultural importance in Federal States. Clifgate was a colony founded in 1645 by the Pilgrims who arrived aboard Atwick. Clifgate served as the capital of the Clifgate Colony from its founding in 1645 until the colony merged with the New Atwick Colony in 1654. It is named after Clifgate, Ingerland, the city from which Atwick sailed towards Archanta.

Clifgate is approximately 22.6 miles (36.4 km) south of New Atwick, Trinity Island, located at the east end of Atwick Island.