Commonwealth of Central Archanta

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6, -11.901, 141.180
Central Archanta
The Commonwealth of Central Archanta
CapitalBambusho, Port Lagbard, Hammarslinn
Largest cityPort Lagbard
Official languagesIngerish
 • National languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesVarious Tribal Languages
Ethnic Groups
Various Tribes (97%), "White (2%)", "Other (1%)"
NationalitiesCCA (91%)
DemonymCentral Archantan
GovernmentUnitary Republic
 • President
 • Prime Minister
LegislatureGrand House of the Government
 • Upper houseGrand House of the Senate
 • Lower houseHouse of the Commoners
 • Total1590300 km2
614016.79 sq mi
 • Census (2015)Something million
HDI (2016)0.622
Timezone+8, +9 WUT
CurrencyUnified Standard Dollar (USD)
Drives on theleft

The Commonwealth of Central Archanta

NOTE: This page is meant to serve only as a reference to the CCA's neighbours for the present time.