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7, -23.745, 112.917
Kingdom of Déserts
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"From the desert to the world"
The Homeland of the Desert
CapitalSands City
Largest cityVondréaux
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese
GovernmentParliamentary monarchy
 • KingAndrew II of Déserts
 • Prime MinisterWilliam Spencer
LegislatureParliament of Déserts
 • Total116505.00 km2
44982.83 sq mi
 • Estimate (2019)2,628,972
 • Density28.26/km2
HDI (2016)Increase 0.712
CurrencyDollar of Déserts (DD)
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Déserts, officialy Kingdom of Déserts (in Franquese: Royaume des Déserts) is a sovereign country located in the Gwynian Peninsula in Archanta. Its territory is geographically formed by the Sirenoa Desert, the fertile zone and some islands in the Asperic Ocean. Déserts borders to the east with Nordestan and to the west with the Asperic Ocean. Déserts is governed by a parliamentary monarchy and its capital is Sands City. The largest and oldest city in the country is Vondréaux. It is a developing country, whose economy depends mainly on the oil and mineral deposits located in the country. Déserts is a member of various international organizations such as: Assembly of Nations, ANESCO and the World Organization of Tourism.


The name of the country comes from the word "déserts" from Franquese which literally means "desert". The Pretanic explorer Andrew Vondréaux was the first to use this name for the territory, when in 1546 he wrote a document to King of Ingerland under the name Déclaration de Découverte des Déserts. The king Eustace IV officially declared the country as Archanta Desert Territories, and so it remained until independence in 1712, when the new government led by the Etherington family declared the name historically appropriate and made it official.


Déserts has an area of ​​116 505 km², which includes the continental area on the Gwynian peninsula and some islands in the Asperic Ocean. The country is located on the border of the intertropical zone, crossed by the Southern Tropic in the middle. Most of the territory of Déserts is made up of Sirenoa Desert and this area is almost uninhabited. 97% of the population lives in the tropical zone, located near the Asperic Ocean coast.


Déserts has a predominantly desert and dry climate, mainly due to the effects of Sirenoa Desert; while the fertile zone has an oceanic and semitropical climate. The temperature is not very variable and the highest temperature reached 51.7 ° C in 1972. Ocean currents allow the existence of the fertile zone and maintain the temperature of the area on average (around 33 ° C on average).