Duke Beglidere

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A painting of Duke Beglidere, aged 53.

Duke Beglidere of Norad (born 1335, Norad, Garlis, died 1429, St. Richards, Pretany) was a Grand Duke from Norad in modern day Garlis and the first King of Pretany. Duke Beglidere was also the longest reigning king in pretanic history, with 57 years on the throne. He led the opposition in the Egyt war of 1357 when Duke Beglidere united the working poor in the Inaran Nation and overthrew the monarchy and aristocracy, taking Inaran king Treston the V's place on the throne after the Raid of Port Emporia in 1370. The peoples of Pretany were united for the first time in unison against a tyrannical king , the Federal Monarchy of Pretany came into power in 1372, and the first Constitution of Freedom was drafted in 1378 after the economy and social hierarchy was united in catholic faith and the capital moved to the newly formed Duchy of St. Richards and they formed the catholic papacy there. The Kingdom of Pretany officially drew it's international borders in 1402 after land dealing with neighboring nations and placing the remaining peoples faithful to the Inaran nation on a prison reservation on their original island in the center of Pretanic Lake. King Beglidere, who was ironically from Norad, argued for the ethnic rights of the "pretanic people" living in neighboring kingdoms in 1423. He spent nearly the entire royal treasury on a massive public works project called the Walls of Pretany that involved building 20 foot high walls for miles in the wilderness, on the northern and western borders of Pretany to keep the kings of Garlis from challenging his reign and takeover from the tribes of Mazan. People living within the walls surrounding the kingdom called themselves the "Pretanic Peoples Republic" until the end of the 15th century. In the year 1410, Inglerland was looking for a place to transport its prisoners from its overcrowded cities. Pretany was a prime target for Ingerland due to the massive walls already in place. To avoid a war and full out invasion from Ingerland's massive miliarty, King Beglidere signed the Decleration of Ingerish Penal Ownership. The decleration allowed Inglerland to build a series of prison forts throughout the country. Once nearly 400,000 prisners were transported, Ingerland's military retreated, leaving the prisoners in pretanic control, and a period of Isolationism increased as surrounding countries started to place pressure on Pretany to allow trading rights to resources in the land rich nation. The military stance of the Beglidere monarchy tightened throughout the early 15th century and eventually most of the surrounding nations accepted a hands off stance to the large nation that occupied a large chunk of the central continent. The king, in 1372, heired all rights of the Duchy of Port Emporia to his son, Bredalt, Prince of Pretany, who became the first Duke of Port Emporia, then later the second king of Pretany, in 1429 upon his father's death. Duke Beglidere is known as the "Father of Pretany".