East Anglesbury

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9, -55.72, -138.6
Ingerish Overseas Territory of East Anglesbury
East Anglesbury
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
Official languagesIngerish
GovernmentFederal parliamentary monarchy
 • MonarchGeoffrey VII
 • Prime Minister
 • Estimate632 606
CurrencyEast Anglesbury Sovereign
(≈19.43 USD) (EAS)
Drives on theleft

East Anglesbury is an overseas territory of Ingerland located on Anglesbury Island off the South Western Kartumian coast. It was part of the Colony of Anglesbury from 1808 to 1836. The eastern parts of the colony remained loyal to the crown and kept colony status. During decolonization its status was changed to Overseas Territory in 1973.


  • 1808: Anglesbury Colony Founded
  • 1836: Anglesbury Independence
  • 1973: Status changed to Overseas Territory



The colony did not have representation in the Ingerish Parliament's Lower House, while occasionally members for the Upper House were appointed form East Anglesbury. The Overseas Territory was allowed a fixed number of 13 electoral districts from 1973 on. The territory also elects the local Assembly of East Anglesbury. The assembly is unicameral since the upper chamber was abolished during decolonization and partly integrated into the new assembly.

According to the Buffington Treaty a referendum to join Aorangëa has to be held every ten years. A majority triggers negotiations which must be approved after five years by another referendum and the Aorangëan Parliament. This happened only once so far while Ingerland was involved in the Great War, but was not approved by the following referendum, despite the Aorangëan Parliament having given its consent. The next referendum will be held 2023.

Political Divisions (Shires)

Name area (km²) Pop. Relation
Bainghamshire 995.18 46919
Fawltryncham 64.10 36475
Shyshire 739.35 34985
Three Forks 741.53 37061
East Anglesbury 1 680.77 36473
East Anglesbury 2 705.80 36478

Foreign Relations

Relations between East Anglesbury and Aorangëa

There is a mostly open border between East Anglesbury and Aorangëa, while both countries have their own visa regime. Freedom of movement for temporary visits is granted for holders of either visa, while permanent residency is regulated by each country separately. Additionally, citizens of East Anglesbury and Aorangëa have the right to remain indefinitely on either side of the border.

Relations between East Anglesbury and the Commonwealth


Open Border Currency Union Freedom of
Voting rights
for citizens from
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Ingerland.png New Ingerland No Yes undecided Yes
Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Commonwealth (others) No No undecided Yes

Under construction icon-green.svg
East Anglesbury flag.png

This territory is tentatively open for everyone with a connection to other Ingerish Commonwealth territories, to allow for a more consistent mapping style throughout the Commonwealth.

Fawltryncham Tram

Area servedFawltryncham and suburbs
Transit typeUrban transit
Number of lines6 Tram +4 TramTrain
Track gauge1432mm (4ft 8³⁄₈in)
Electrification700V DC
Top speed72 km/h
(TramTrain: 112 km/h)
Network Map
The Fawltryncham tramway network is the backbone of public transport in Fawltryncham, the largest city of East Anglesbury.

Route List

No Operated by Route Rel.
1 Fort Wallace — The Strand 123942 / 123948
2 Railway — DeLaunay Beach 123961 / 123961
4 Fawltryncham Bridge — Sunbreeze Lake 123944 / 123945
6 Railway — Cruise Terminal 123979 / 123980
9 Clover Meadows — DeLaunay Beach 123977 / 123978
11 Clover Meadows — Innings Street 123946 / 123947
B Fawltryncham Bridge — Billey
F Fawltryncham Bridge — Furzedale 124522 / 124523
S Fawltryncham Bridge — Slaghy
Y Fawltryncham Bridge — Yorwerrigh 124129 / 124130


Class 1xx 2xx 3xx
Car 707 loading at Fleetwood Ferry - geograph.org.uk - 1401583.jpg 20091223 375 Supertram 114.jpg J10185 Bf Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, 452 715.jpg
Route 2 6 1 4 9 11 B F S Y

Route Map