Eelan Gaivikc

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16, -45.9676, 69.54999
Eelan Gaivikc
Sand Island
SM PM skyline.jpg
The Pointing Man on Eelan Gaivikc
Basic Information
CountryShadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma
RegionSanaray, Urne, Yshon etc.
TypeMaritime island
Largest settlement[none]
Population0 resident
Maximum length175m
Maximum width175m
Highest ElevationTop of the Pointing Man's head (71m)
Survey data
Cartographic surveyShadze-Ma GTS 1984
Satellite surveySECA 2013

'Sand Island', Eelan Gaivikc in Shenavroon, is a largely man-made island in the Inner Sound of Shadze-Ma. The island is today also known as Eelan Sorkcan (Pedestal Island).

The island is located a few hundred metres offshore from the town of Urne. Formerly the site of an Ionadàlban defensive fortification (a 'Ghaineamh Caisteal), the statue of the Pointing Man now dominates the island and its surroundings.

The island is visited by around 25,000 tourists per year with boat trips running from Urne and from Yshon, the capital of Shadze-Ma.