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13, 13.1544, 60.8740
Ciudad Republica or Villa de San Santiago
 • StateBalam
Ethnic GroupsMixed (8o%), Other (20%)
DemonymEkbalams, Republicans
 • MayorAntonio Camacho
 • Census (2014)4.751.000
Tram2 line
Buses4 lines

Ek-Balam, formerly called Republic City, is the largest and most populous city of Balam-Utz and one of the most important in the Liberian Peninsula. Is located in the San Santiago Bay, on Baal Island, discovered by castellanenses in 1484 and founded as a mission and military armory which I followed as the capital of Oriental Liberan Republic colony until the Independence of the natives in 1790. Following on from there continued as entirely by capital of the nation of several civil wars and invasions, until the federal congress decides the construction and establishment of a new capital in Lake Motul (Motul) in 1995


There are records that the city was inhabited in 1100 B.C. in the area of marshland of Ichel, but the first communities were formed in the Mayense Empire in Tzekel as a port and fishtown who carried the fish to the capital in Nezahuatl and Palen'Ke.

In the XV century in 1484, castellanenses they founded a fort in one of the island that was walled against foreign attacks and named as Villa San Santiago de los Muros. One of the most important cities in the Liberan Peninsula for trade between the east coast of the peninsula, the pelanesian islands, Castellán and Khaiwoon.

In the late XVIII century was the scene of the last battles of the mulattos troops Balam and Castellanenses who took refuge in Tortuga Fort where they signed the surrender and handed the territory to the Oriental Republic of Liberan with capital Ulloa and Pedro Moreno.

During the division of Baldoria of the Oriental Republic, the Congress decided to move the capital of Pedro Moreno to San Santiago, to prevent an easy invasion from Baldoria south coast and conquer mayenses tribus in the southern territories, the new capital was called Ciudad Republica.

Ciudad Republica remained the capital city until 1995, when the new Congress decided to leave the capital city to better carry out their political work and be closer to the territories ( Motul ) without many people. The city ceased to be the capital and in 1997 the name was changed to Ek-Balam, Jaguar Negro, Ek by the dark waters of the bay, and Balam as the name of the region.

In 2012 was cultural capital of the ULP for its historical, cultural and heritage wealth and Intramuros area was designated world heritage.


This settled on a peninsula in the Bay of San Santiago, this Pennisula is divided from the mainland by a complex of rivers, canals and rivers of the main river ChakMol. The basin of the bay is surrounded by ravines and mountains of which some are canyons that flow into the bay, giving it an irregular orography with exception of the peninsula


Ekbalam dowtown.jpg Cityscape from Intramuros Sur (Downtown)

Neighborhoods & Suburbs

Cities of the metropolitan or Greater EkBalam.

EkBalam Balam Occidental Copán Calakmul Icak Tzekel Quiruga Xcarit Aerociudad


Ek-Balam has a tropical wet and dry climate under the Köppen climate classification, and enjoys warm weather all year round, with daily mean temperatures of 27 °C (81 °F) (80 °F). Its weather cools from the months of November through February due to seasonal winds of the dry season. During these months one can expect a daily mean of 24.5 °C (76.1 °F). The hottest months of the year are April and May, during the transition from the dry season (October–April), to the rainy season (May–September). In April and May temperatures may reach 32 °C (89.6 °F). The highest reading ever recorded was 38.5 °C (101.3 °F), the lowest was 8.2 °C (46.8 °F). The highest dew point was 27 °C (81 °F) and the lowest −10 °C (14 °F).


The most largest and important park in the city are: Tzekel Park Line Park Centenario Park Intramuros Parks PanUlethan Park And another 28 parks and recretion zones, and 2 National Parks (PokTaPok and Cañon Del Rey)



See Bahia MetroRed


Highways: North (To Puerto Moreno/Baldoria)BU-5 Southwest (To Motul)BU-4 BU-2 Metropolitan Zone BU-28 U-01 West (To Mesa) BU-10 East (To Cunkunul/Tizcob) BU-11 Southeast (To Kaabah) BU-03


The city is well connected with Ferrovías that the flow through from east to west, has 3 main stations, one high-speed line. This network will be incorporating Bahia MetroRed consisting of two subway lines, a trunk line monorail and 3 tram lines connecting manage Ekbalam and its metropolitan


King Pakal I International Airport

main article King Pakal I Internacional Airport

The King Pakal I International Airport is one of the largest airports in the nation of Balam-Utz. It is the largest by flight volume serving both national and domestic flights and serving as a Hub airport. The principal HUB of Ikk´bin.

It is under construction an auxiliary airport EkBalam Metropolitan Airport for charter flights in Liberan Peninsula and cargo.


Ek-Balam Harbour is administered by the authority of ports and roads Balam, APCB, based in Ciudad Republica. The APCB is responsible, to monitoring, maintain and protect the Ek-Balam Harbour, recreational marinas and commercial ports and so it, all bridge and tunnel crossing the Bahia de Santiago


In the city it has a great tradition in sport, during the time of Republic City, a space for sport was built, as well as the Republican stadium. The Castillo Blanco team is the most popular team, based in Blanco Stadium since 1968 In 2010 ended on PanUlethan Park for the accomplishment of continental games or a geolimpada. there are the Copan Stadium, IkkBiin Arena, Arena Braganza and the National Aquatics Center