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Sketch of Kalm highspeed railway network as of September 2013
FLINX logo

FLINX (abbreviation for Flinker Nationalexpress, Inglish: Speedy National Express train) is the name for the fastest type of high speed trains in the Republic of Kalm. Like all other main railway lines, the FLINX network has 1.435m normal gauge. There are high speed sections connecting the major cities of the country, but many of the routes run partly on "classical" alignments. The first section of the network from Tarott-Leuden (51.4440,34.4037) to Rothenstadt (50.7154,34.5997) officially opened June 10, 1984. On the high speed sections, commercial speed is currently up to 320km/h with some 350km/h sections opening during the next years.

The main high speed alignments are:

Under construction: