Firth of Hetzer

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Firth of Hetzer

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Firth of Hetzer
LocationWestern Uletha
Basin countriesOGFmapicon.png Estiensia
Dartannia flag.png Dartannia
ShilesiaFlag.svg Shilesia
Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry
OGFmapicon.png UL141
Flag Utterland.jpg Utterland
Vinnmarkflag.png Vinnmark
Flagwelsrijk.png Welstand-Westrijk
Major citiesKirchenburg, Altbridge, Kongshavn, Ligota, Solsburg, Szenhegy, Vinn

The Firth of Hetzer is a large estuary to the middle arm of the Vinn Sea, dropping 160 kilometers south into the continent of Uletha. The Firth is heavily populated and enclosed by the countries of Estiensia, Dartannia, Shilesia, Tircambry, UL141, Utterland, Vinnmark and Welstand-Westrijk. Shoreline of the Firth is about 864 kilometers long.



Vinnmark occupies the western part of the Firth of Hetzer.




Utterland occupies the southern end of the Firth, with the shoreline from Oud Sevetem to Solsburg in the east, and along the western shore from Solsburg to Zonnevank and the Shilesian border near Ligota.

North of the Ilmond estuary

From Dartannia border at Oud Sevetem to the large Ilmond Estuary, the coastline of the Firth is hilly, with ridges like the Seveter Heuvelrug, Westerwoud, Folmerheimsewoud and Hellingerberg rising to 200 to 300 metres above sealevel. Rivers empty into the Firth at Schalmen and Folmerheim. Upon approach from the north, the cliffs at Kaap Hetzer rise 105 metres straight up out of the sea, with a lighthouse on top to warn mariners. A narrow-gauge railway runs north from Ilmond to Hetterstrecht. The latter is a ferry port, with services to Dartannia.

Ilmond estuary

The Ilmond Estuary consists of a number of islands, created by the outflow of the Kesbeek, Tochten and Mirkwater rivers. It is surrounded by several largish towns, including Ilmond and Ilvoorde, as well as Binnenburg and the main town of Putmuiden. A narrow gauge railway system links the area from Putmuiden to Ilmond and Ilvoorde.

South of Putmuiden

The coastline south of Putmuiden is industrialised, part of the Solsburg Port area.

Western shore

The coastline from Solsburg to Woudendijk is heavily industrialised, with Solsburg Port occupying a large area, ended by the power station.

North of Woudendijk is sparsely occupied farmland, centering on Zonnevank. It slopes down from the hills on the Shilesian border to the Firth.