Football Federation of Archanta

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The Football Federation of Archanta, or (FFA) is the governing body of football on the continent of Archanta. The FFA is responsible for organizing and overseeing tournaments such as the Archanta Cup and the Archanta Champions League.

FFA Coefficent

Rankings of each nation based on domestic league and national team performance.

Rank Country
1 Karolia flag.png Karolia
2 VegaFlag.PNG Vega
3 Lost country.png Ismikk
4 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
5 Lost country.png Chastechek
6 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
7 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna
8 Lost country.png Wapashia
9 Lost country.png Demacia
10 Lost country.png Balonis