Football in Zylanda

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Zylandian national team

Football in Zylanda is a popular sport. The national team never wins a title, but in the WAFO_World_Cup Zylanda gets 1942 the fourth place. In the Archanta_Cup the team was three times in the final (1980, 1984 and 1992), but always the team lost the game.

For plays with other nations in Zylanda the national stadium in Elegantia is the first choice. Here are 80 000 seats. (see 15, -12.9505, 120.0073 )

Negn Hobn Football Club and Horkiis FC from Elegantia play this season in the Champions League of Archanta.

The national first league has 17 teams. In a second league are other 17 teams. Under this are the leagues of the provinces and a league for the Jørpenilands. Always the champion-clubs of this leagues play for the 4 places in the second league for the next season and 4 clubs of the second league go down in the provincial leagues.

If a club of the Jørpnilands play in the first or second league, the state of Zylanda since 1965 pays the cost of the voyage by flight for the club between Zylanda and the islands from the fonds for the devellopement of the Jørpnilands. The team "Buddnfang" from Jørp now plays in the first league.


First League

in this saeson, place at end of the last saeson.

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.
Place Name City Stadium on map Nat. Champs Nat. Pokal Remarks
1 Negn Hobn Football Club Negn Hobn Hobn-Kampboon 15 11
2 Horkiis FC Elegantia Horkkamp Stadion [1] 18 12 most sucessfull club
3 Swattnkamp FC Swattnkamp 10 7
4 Aaby Football Club Aaby Aaby Stadion [2] 6 4
5 Concordia 99 Charity 9
6 TSV Braamkamp Elegantia Jahn Striitboon [3] 4 ---
7 De Haardn Rensenbrink 8
8 Grasspoort Negn Hobn
9 FC Odda Oddasøø
10 Gupys 15 Gupys
11 Frykn Djungs Elegantia Fryk Toll Striitboon [4]
12 Hunnerd Eebers Elegantia Hunnerd Eebers Arena [5]
13 Vaeenicht FC Pentapolis
14 Aaby-Syd Aaby Zoo Stadion [6] --- 1
15 Sydnstern Elegantia Sydstern Stadion [7]
FC Viktoria 63 Keunichsborg up from 2nd league
Buddnfang Jørp (Jørpenilands) Jørp Agger [8] --- --- up from 2nd league
16 Fockiis FC Fock --- --- down to 2nd league
17 Marathon FC Rensenbrink --- --- down to 2nd league