Gerald Henderson

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Gerald Henderson, born 1789 in Gilbertville (Oakhill, Federal States) and died 1867 in the same town, was a writer of long epic novels and some popular poems and ballades.

His most famous work is the story of the devellopement of a small state at the coast of the Federal States, for which the state of Oakhill is the hidden texture. Beginning in the 1500-ies the story ended 10 generations later at 1780. This long novel is divited in five books

  • "Beaver and Otter" - the story of the first trappers
  • "The Squaw" - settlers and native people
  • "The settlers at the Magnolia River" - the early structure of civilisation
  • "The man of the law" - law and order become important
  • "Merchants and Adventurs" - the formation of the "first 1000"

Hendersons house at the Great Mall in Gilbertville til today stands between the now higher buildings as a museum of national importance.