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Gigante Corporation
logo of Gigante Corporation
 Food processing
HeadquartersOdrava, Drabantia
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleJakub Neniczek, General director
 Coffee shops
RevenueIncreaseKr 10.64 billion (2016)
Operating IncomeIncreaseKr 1.52 billion (2016)
Net IncomeIncreaseKr 0.98 billion (2016)
Total AssetsDecreaseKr 6.59 billion (2016)
Total EquityDecreaseKr 2.62 billion (2016)
Number of employees4,214 (Drabantia)[1]
DivisionsGigante Stores
 Verona Coffee
 Estela Niesa
Web Sitegigantegroup.db

The Gigante Corporation is a joint-stock company headquartered in Odrava, Drabantia. It operates hypermarkets under the brand Gigante and smaller convenience stores under Gigante express, the coffee shop chain Verona Coffee, several food and beverage factories and the brewery Estela Niesa in Vaberec, Drabantia.


The first Gigante hypermarket opened in Třesno in September 1986 under the name Gigant. It was the largest hypermarket in Drabantia at the time with the area of over 5,500 m2. 74 more have opened in the country since then as of 2017. The first store abroad opened in 1995 in XY. Verona Coffee, whose history traces back to the late 19th century, was bought by Gigante Corporation in 2001.


Logo of Gigante hypermarket
Previous logo used from 1992 to 2015
Logo of Verona Coffee


Gigante Corporation is the owner of multiple mineral water springs in Boravia, the brewery Estela Niesa in Vaberec and around 20 smaller food processing and packaging plants. Gigante stores sell the products of these factories at discounted prices under the brand Gigante Quality.


Gigante Corporation owns and operates 11 retail parks, about 250 superstores under the brand Gigante and another 700 smaller Gigante express convenience stores internationally. Most of the locations are in North and Central Uletha. In 2009, several experimental stores opened in Gobrassanya.

Some locations operate under slightly different names such as Gigant, Gigantic or Giante to better fit the local language.

Verona Coffee

Verona Coffee is an international chain of coffeehouses operating about 1,500 locations worldwide. The cafés sell a wide variety of coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages as well as desserts and pastry.


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