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|native_name = TBD
|native_name = TBD
|common_name = Ginnungaoyar/Islas Ballenas  
|common_name = Ginnungaoyar/Islas Ballenas  
|image_flag = TBD
|image_flag = Ginnungaoyar_flag.png
|image_coat = TBD
|image_coat = TBD
|national_motto = A Sjó Í Trúnni
|national_motto = A Sjó Í Trúnni

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Lýðveldið Ginnungaoyar República de las Islas Ballenas
FlagCoat of arms
"A Sjó Í Trúnni"
In Faith At Sea
Heima Á Flusini Eyjanna
CapitalTórvalðir/San Kristobal
Official languagesHavmalic, Castellanese
NationalitiesGinnungár, TBD
 • TBD
 • Estimate~37K
GDP (PPP)2021
 • Totalwait for future data
GDP (nominal)
 • Per capitawait for future data
HDI (2021)Increase 0.722
TimezoneWUT + 4 h
CurrencyGinnungár Króna (GNK)
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.gg
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Ginnungaoyar is a country in Southeast Antarephia and part of the Harda Archipelago. Its only borders are maritime ones with Tárrases and AN160. Tórvalðir is the capital city and holds most of the population. Official languages in Ginnungaoyar are Havmalic and Castellanese.