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Goytakano is the people from Goytakanya, a small island-state close to Suvuma west coast.


Despite a mazanic inspired alphabet, the spoken Goytakano language does not have parity with anyone language in the world.

Writting System

Till 1202, there was not a writting system to Goytakano language. All texts are passed generation to generation only by oral spoken tradition. That year, a group of mazanic merchants got sympathy by chief Radyan Al Kabateh (reign 1190 to 1241), and a mazanic inspired alphabet was created.

The Goytakano alphabet is written left-to-right, and consist in only 18 letters (5 vocals). Today, is usual a roman transliteration of Goytakano language, but the local alphabet is yet the official of the territory and the most used by people.

Name Goytakano Alphabet Roman Alphabet
A Goytacano A.png A
Be Goytacano B.png B
Ke Goytacano K.png K
De Goytacano D.png D
E Goytacano E.png E
Ge Goytacano G.png G
Hey Goytacano H.png H
I Goytacano I.png Y
Le Goytacano L.png L
Me Goytacano M.png M
Ne Goytacano N.png N
O Goytacano O.png O
Pe Goytacano P.png P
Re Goytacano R.png R
Se Goytacano S.png S
Te Goytacano T.png T
U Goytacano U.png U
Ve Goytacano V.png V

There is a single accent used above some specific letters creating sounds from excluded letters in Goytakano alphabet.

Goytakano Alphabet Roman Transliteration
Goytacano zCH.png CH
Goytacano zF.png F
Goytacano zJ.png J
Goytacano zW.png W
Goytacano zZ.png Z


In the very traditional Goytakano society, the conective between first and last name says wich class was the ancestor of each person.

Conective Ancestor`s Class
Em/ Goytacano E.pngGoytacano M.png Noble
Eb/ Goytacano E.pngGoytacano B.png Priest
Ek/ Goytacano E.pngGoytacano K.png Worker



Goytakano is a very religious people. They follow a monoteist religion, praying to Unnamed God, the god rewarding all acts of the follower.

Is used the Goytakano people stoping whatever is doing, only to pray all every weekend noon, even if in the streets or working.


The most notorious goytakano writter was a woman. Klaravallys Ek Byasen wrote "Dar Stragla der Mareta" ("The sea star"), about the political tension in Goytakano (the called Sea Star, due the "dark" in Suvuma). She died in 2014, only 36 years old, due to pneumonia. Another famous writter in Goytakanya is Gapesk Em Vallarka, from Royal Family, who wrote biographies of people from Royal Family and even Mafia chiefs.


People usually likes folk music, and there are some popular singers as Jahmyr Eb Bulokhat, Krenar Ek Sobykam and the muse Rosengard Eb Storamar, but the most famous band from Goytakanya in the world is, ironically, a religious unblack metal band, Anti-Trevina ("Anti-Darkness"). Founded by a priest son, some people says their instruments was smuggled and brought by Mafia integrants, but their international success is a fact, playing in festivals in Cariocas, Khaiwoon and even Belgravia.

The controverse rapper Hit Dangerous can be mentioned too, despite was born in Karolia and rarely goes to his parents motherland.


As largely mentioned, Goytakano are a very religious people, so, usually the main building in any goytakano comunity is a place of worship.

Also they are known as good agricultural workers.