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Halastjarna (ingerish: comet) is a high speed maglev transportation system in Norðurland. It is researched and developed since 1985. Since 2009, the system is in public service with a track from Markvað to Helgurreykir. In 2014, the service was prolonged from Markvað to Þærmanður, with an overall operating length of 470 km. The long term goal is to establish a rapid passenger transport link between Markvað and Frjálshöfn. However, the realization of this project is heavily discussed.


Testing phase

Early concept

Test plant

Maturity phase and search for a use case

Public service

Markvað - Helgurreykir

Markvað - Þærmanður


Þærmanður - Frjálshöfn

Other routes

Sólinfylki, which probably would serve best for new Halastjarna routes due to the dense population, is very well-served by the "traditional" rail network, several high-speed lines are in the construction phase. Additionally, the distances between important cities are pretty short, so the maglev system would not be able to play off the traditional highspeed railroad more than a couple of minutes.

In the rest of Norðurland, only a few routes would be eligible for such a high speed network. Beyond Frjálshöfn, a relation to Baunvöllur or even Jaðafor would be conceivable. Another discussed relation is Silfurvík - Þærmanður - Helgurreykir - Lústrevík. However, all those relations are currently valorized with traditional high speed railroads.

A more interesting use case would be the interconnection of international destinations like Lynchester, Winburgh, Finist, Velin. The operating company published a pilot study, connecting Norðurland with several cities in Ingerland, Slavonia, Swaldia, Florescenta, Scandmark and even Kalm. However, the study didn't acquire much vogue.

Some countries showed certain interest in the technology, however, they didn't decided to make use of it or settled to a different type of technology. For example, Zylanda and Lorredion showed interest in the Halastjarna technology, however, they finally decided to abandon the efforts and settled for a different type of technology (see POW!).