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|ethnic_groups = Native Hifnakian (55%)<br>Uzkeshian (25%)<br>Arabique (6%)<br>Besniaks (6%)<br>Ingerish (3%)<br>Ironican (3%)<br>Others (6%)<br>
|ethnic_groups = Native Hifnakian (55%)<br>Uzkeshian (25%)<br>Arabique (6%)<br>Besniaks (6%)<br>Ingerish (3%)<br>Ironican (3%)<br>Others (6%)<br>
|denonym = Hifnakian
|denonym = Hifnakian
|government_type = Semi-Presidential Constitutional Monarchy
|government_type = Semi-Presidential Theological COnstitutional Monarchy
|leader_title1 = President
|leader_title1 = President
|leader_name1 = Zakariya Ahmad
|leader_name1 = Zakariya Ahmad

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Sultanate of Hifnakia
Sultanatet Hifnakien
Hifnakia FlagCoat of Arms of Hifnakia
FlagCoat of arms
""Vi være Nåden med Almægt-i Fahiyyen""
"May we be with our Lord's Mercy"
"Sultanen viftede sandhedens flag!"
"The Sultan wayed the flag of truth"

"Fremad mine Hifnakiere!"
"Move along my Hifnakians!"
Located in Uletha
Largest cityKøby
Official languagesHifnakian
 • National languagesIngerish, Arobique, Uzkeshi
Ethnic GroupsNative Hifnakian (55%)
Uzkeshian (25%)
Arabique (6%)
Besniaks (6%)
Ingerish (3%)
Ironican (3%)
Others (6%)
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Theological COnstitutional Monarchy
 • PresidentZakariya Ahmad
 • Prime-MinisterAli Hamza
 • Senior MinisterImran Ali
 • SultanYuzkan IX
 • EmirBashi I
 • Upper houseKongetinget
 • Lower houseLandstinget
 • Total15129.12 km2
 • Water (%)32%
 • Estimate (2018)1,950,000
 • Census (2014)1,876,523
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total210 bi. USD
 • Per capita107962 USD
very high
TimezoneWUT + 8
CurrencyHifnakir (HFR)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hf

Hifnakia, or in Hifnakian; Hifnakien, officialy, Sultanate of Hifnakia is a country located in Uletha. It is primarily inhabited by Native Hifnakians. The Language is a form of North-Gaermanic.

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Kongetinget is the upper house of the Legislature, called the Folketinget. Kongetinget.png

  Blue Bloc: 90 seats
  Red Bloc: 105 seats

  • Blue Bloc = Hifnakian National Party, Hifnakian People's Party, Iman Party, Independent Party
  • Red Bloc = Hifnakian New Democrats, Republican Party, Sultanate Party, Socialist Party


The Lower is called the Landstinget which means the Country's House.

Parliament as of 2019
  New Democrats: 75 seats
  Hifnakian National Party: 50 seats
  Hifnakian People's Party: 45 seats
  Republican Party: 40 seats
  Sultanate Party: 35 seats
  Iman Party: 25 seats
  Socialist Party: 20 seats
  Workers Party: 15 seats
  Independent Party: 10 seats

Law and Judicial System

Hifnakia has never developed a case-law system, neither a comprehensive system. Most of the laws are customary. The courts are as followed, Regular Civil and Criminal Courts, then there is a middle system, and then is a admininstrative system. Hifnakian law states that judges shall be chosen by the Prime Minister.

Demographics and Geography


The weather in Hifnakia is warm and hot, as it is located in a stepped / deserty terrain place.

Climate data for Contiguous Hifnakian average 2010[1]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Daily mean °F (°C) 7.3 10.2 12.5 16.8 20.5 24.6 26.2 28.5 27.1 23.5 19.1 12.4 19.1
Average precipitation inches (mm) 15.3 13.6 12.1 11.7 9.3 7.1 6.3 5.1 4.6 6.1 8.9 12.6 7.3
Source: Hifnakiens Nationale Metreologiske Institut 2015

The Hifnakian weather and climate is separated in 9 Sub-Seasons, and 3 seasons.

The 9 Sub-Seasons, or Underårstider is called as so:
Senvinter, Forspring, Midforår, Førsommer, Midsommer, Sensommer, Jævnefterår, Løvfaldsefterår, Forvinter."



Hifnakia has a central bank, the International Bank of Hifnakia, which also owns the largest Stock Counter, HNSCACA. Hifnakia National Stock Counter Admininstration Central System.


Hifnakia uses the Hifnakir


Exports are mostly Dairy, Cloth, Rugs, Honey, and wheat. The wheat is of best quality, and the traditional bread is very popular because of the wheat.

Cities and Storamters

Towns and Cities

Køby Admininstration

Infastructure, Technology and Innovation

Telephone Code

Hifnakia uses a unique telephone code system. All Hifnakian citizens using a Hifnakian carrier automatically gets a Phone Number and a Phone ID, called Telefonidentifikation. The Phone ID was created in 2004 in an effort to simplify calling telephone numbers.
Ali Kamal Bahar
+48 010 12 24 36 48
Køby Storamt
Hifnakia uses +48 as it's phone code. Atiashiq citizens get an additional code, which is +480 or +481 with an (350-1xx) on.

Culture, Arts and etc


  1. Hifnakiske Gennemsnitlige Varme og Kulde Temperatur fra 2010 HNMI