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|ethnic_groups = Native Hifnakian (55%)<br>Uzkeshian (25%)<br>Arabique (6%)<br>Besniaks (6%)<br>Ingerish (3%)<br>Ironican (3%)<br>Others (6%)<br>
|ethnic_groups = Native Hifnakian (55%)<br>Uzkeshian (25%)<br>Arabique (6%)<br>Besniaks (6%)<br>Ingerish (3%)<br>Ironican (3%)<br>Others (6%)<br>
|denonym = Hifnakian
|denonym = Hifnakian
|government_type = Theocratic Caliphate
|government_type = Hereditary monarchial Caliphate
|leader_title1 = Gazi
|leader_title1 = Caliph
|leader_name1 = Zakariya Ahmad
|leader_name1 = Yuzkan IX
|leader_title2 = Sheikh
|leader_title2 = Emir
|leader_name2 = Imran Ali
|leader_name2 = Bashi III Akhimand I
|leader_title3 = Mufti
|leader_title3 = Councellor
|leader_name3 = Qadir Muhaqaqsen
|leader_name3 = Zakariya Ahmad
|leader_title4 = Caliph
|leader_title4 = Chief Sheikh
|leader_name4 = Yuzkan IX
|leader_name4 = Harun Qawashat
|leader_title5 = Emir
|leader_title5 = General
|leader_name5 = Bashi III Aiman I
|leader_name5 = Wasiy Muradsen
|legislature = Assembly of the Caliphate
|legislature = Council of the Caliphate
|upper_house = Majlis al-Akbar
|upper_house = Majlis al-Hukmah
|lower_house = Majlis al-Asgar
|lower_house = Majlis al-Sha'bah
|area_km2 = 15129.12
|area_km2 = 15129.12
|percent_water = 32%
|percent_water = 32%

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Hifnakian Caliphate
Det Hifnakiske Kalifat
الخلافة الحفنآكيه
Al-Khalifat ul-Hifnakiyyah
Hifnakia FlagCoat of Arms of Hifnakia
FlagCoat of arms
""Ingen andre gud end Elah""
"No God but Elah"
"Elah saved Hifnakia"
Located in Uletha
Largest cityKøby
Official languagesHifnakian
 • National languagesIngerish, Arobique, Uzkeshi
Ethnic GroupsNative Hifnakian (55%)
Uzkeshian (25%)
Arabique (6%)
Besniaks (6%)
Ingerish (3%)
Ironican (3%)
Others (6%)
GovernmentHereditary monarchial Caliphate
 • CaliphYuzkan IX
 • EmirBashi III Akhimand I
 • CouncellorZakariya Ahmad
 • Chief SheikhHarun Qawashat
 • GeneralWasiy Muradsen
LegislatureCouncil of the Caliphate
 • Upper houseMajlis al-Hukmah
 • Lower houseMajlis al-Sha'bah
 • Total15129.12 km2
 • Water (%)32%
 • Estimate (2018)1,950,000
 • Census (2014)1,876,523
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total360 bi. USD
 • Per capita184615 USD
very high
TimezoneWUT + 8
CurrencyHifnakir (HFR)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hf
Co-official Hifnakian Flag

Hifnakia, or in Hifnakian; Hifnakien, officialy, Caliphate of Hifnakia is a country located in Uletha. It is primarily inhabited by Native Hifnakians. The Language is a form of North-Gaermanic.

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Little is officially known about Hifnakia's antiquity, but some sources point out that some exact Uletarephian people lived there. Scholars calls these people Paleo-Hifnakian people, and researchers found some text they decoded. The Paleo-Hifnakians are said to have evolved their own language, and the language, the Retel Language, may probably have some ancestorial roots, or to an extent that it is based of this language. They currently reside in Southern Esthyra.

250 B.C to 0 A.D.

In 250 B.C. we can begin to confirm validity of sources. Here, the first Dionic migration begins from North East. They come then to reside on the first Dionic town in Hifnakia, Asochel, located on the tip of North-Eastern Hifnakia. However, this migration did not have significant or reasonable effect on the population of Hifnakia, merely, it was because of bad vegetation and droughts in the North East.

In 150 B.C., possibly a prophet and messenger but surely a patriarch, Idsel (Harabic:Iklis, Hebronic:Oklats) was sent to nowadays Ur'Ketz, or Arkash, to preach monotheism, at first, he was succesful, and according to tradition, God let him know the Torah without ever knowing it had existed. But when he died, people began to become pagans again.

In 50 B.C., we can absolutely confirm that the first North-Gaermanic migration began here. They brought with them a new language, and the old Paleo-Hifnakia language vanished. The reason for that is, that the Gaermans found so much arable and good land, so a mass flood of Gaermans came, including Proto-Ingerish peoples. it is also here that the second Dionic migration came, and at that time, it had large amounts of influence on the Retel Mountain People, because the Paleo-Hifnakian were becoming weak and famines arose between them.

Already in the beginning of 0 A.D., Dionic towns begin to emerge in the Retel Mountains. One quote from a Hifnakian historian, Levinion, said: "There are towns big around the Great Mountains, but they do not speak the Familiar Language we talk. They do not preach the religion we Preach."



Majlis al-Asgar 2019
  Hifnakiens Nydemokrater: 88 seats
  Kalifatpartiet: 65 seats
  Hifnakiens Nationalparti: 37 seats
  Republikpartiet: 32 seats
  Hifnakisk Folkeparti: 16 seats
  Sultanatpartiet: 13 seats

Demographics and Geography


The weather in Hifnakia is warm and hot, as it is located in a stepped / deserty terrain place.

Climate data for Contiguous Hifnakian average 2010[1]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 17.3 20.6 24.8 29.3 34.7 39.6 42.5 46.1 40.3 33.9 25.4 20.6 46.1
Average high °F (°C) 8.1 12.6 16.8 20.4 25.7 31.5 35.7 37.1 31.5 21.3 15.9 12.5 37.1
Daily mean °F (°C) 4.7 8.2 12.5 19.2 23.1 26.3 29.1 30.5 27.1 23.5 15.2 7.5 30.5
Average low °F (°C) −3.2 2.3 5.6 9.3 14.5 17.6 20.1 22.4 16.2 10.3 6.5 1.3 −3.2
Record low °F (°C) −39.5 −24.2 −20.4 −11.3 −5.9 2.3 5.4 7.8 3.3 −10.2 −20.5 −40.3 −40.3
Record low wind chill −46.8 −30.2 −26.3 −17.8 −10.9 −3.5 0.2 4.2 −7.9 −19.4 −29.1 −49.9 −49.9
Average precipitation inches (mm) 34.3 31.6 28.1 23.7 15.2 10.4 6.3 5.1 6.9 10.7 18.7 27.6 7.3
Average relative humidity (%) 67 60 54 50 45 39 36 39 43 51 58 65 67
Source: Hifnakiens Nationale Metreologiske Institut 2015

The Hifnakian weather and climate is separated in 9 Sub-Seasons, and 3 seasons.

The 9 Sub-Seasons, or Underårstider is called as so:
Senvinter, Forspring, Midforår, Førsommer, Midsommer, Sensommer, Jævnefterår, Løvfaldsefterår, Forvinter."



Hifnakia has a central bank, the International Bank of Hifnakia, which also owns the largest Stock Counter, HNSCACA. Hifnakia National Stock Counter Admininstration Central System.


Hifnakia uses the Hifnakir


Exports are mostly Dairy, Cloth, Rugs, Honey, and wheat. The wheat is of best quality, and the traditional bread is very popular because of the wheat.

Cities and Storamters

Towns and Cities

Køby Admininstration

Infastructure, Technology and Innovation

Telephone Code

Hifnakia uses a unique telephone code system. All Hifnakian citizens using a Hifnakian carrier automatically gets a Phone Number and a Phone ID, called Telefonidentifikation. The Phone ID was created in 2004 in an effort to simplify calling telephone numbers.
Ali Kamal Bahar
+48 010 12 24 36 48
Køby Storamt
Hifnakia uses +48 as it's phone code. Atiashiq citizens get an additional code, which is +480 or +481 with an (350-1xx) on.

Culture, Arts and etc


  1. Hifnakiske Gennemsnitlige Varme og Kulde Temperatur fra 2010 HNMI