Ingerish Commonwealth Space Agency

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Ingerish Commonwealth Space Agency
OwnerIngerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth
Established1 January 1960; 60 years ago (1960-01-01)
HeadquartersWinburgh, Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland
BudgetIncrease USD 5 billion (2017)
Official languageIngerish

The Ingerish Commonwealth Space Agency (ICSA) is the organ of the Ingerish Commonwealth responsible for the promotion and development of aeronautics and the exploration of space. ICSA was founded in 1960, and is based in the Ingerish capital of Winburgh. The organisation has an annual budget of USD 5 billion, and employs some 2,500 people from across the Commonwealth in a variety of fields.

The primary ICSA launch vehicle is the Arrow VI, developed in partnership with Vulcan-Aérospatiale.


ICSA was formed in 1960 to enable the Ingerish Commonwealth to develop the ability to build, launch, and operate her own family of satellites for civil and military purposes.


The agency operates a number of facilities across the world. At present, these are distributed among the following centres:

Member states

ICSA is an organ of the wider Ingerish Commonwealth organisation, although membership in the latter does not automatically confer membership in the space programme. Instead, the following states are signatories to the convention that founded ICSA:

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